As of June 9, 2018: Searching for the title of the appeals court case : Lee Hempfling Suesie Hempfling vs. Kent Volkmer Et Al, resulted in active censorship in Google. (See below for update.)

After finding 8,250 results for that search query, Google only includes three references to that case. But how many of them are there really? Not to be outdone by that, Google has completely blocked search results to and PinalCountyJustice.Com. Censorship at the direction of a STATE GOVERNMENT.

Bing, in the same search, results in 30,500,000 document links. The entire first page of 10 is taken up with the case directly.

Try the search query in any search utility that does not get its feed from Google and you will find, GOOGLE IS CENSORING CITIZENS AND THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AT THE DIRECTION OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA.

See the screenshot images of these search results a couple of days before in earlier June.

UPDATE: August 30, 2018:

The main appeals court case was renamed to Lee Kent Hempfling Suesie Kent Hempfling vs Kent Volkmer Et. Al. SEE BELOW FOR THE VARIATION.

Clicking the search link for Google using “lee hempfling suesie hempfling vs kent volkmer et al” now results in:

Google: 17,800 search results and this time the new content created since the last test run shows up. Well.. since Google is censoring specific words and phrases they are unable to censor our own site presentations.

Bing: 12,100,000 search results and it finds everything available to this date with NO censorship. Bing is not so good at quick indexing so the content of the search, even though it does list the main case website as #1 for the search it does not rank the new data at all as Bing does not seem to update as often.

Using the new case name: “Lee Kent Hempfling Suesie Kent Hempfling vs Kent Volkmer Et. Al.”:

Bing brings up 12,200 results and includes the case files available online at this date (8/30/2018.)

Google on the other hand: (well they are censoring violating the 1st Amendment and no telling how many obstruction laws) has 18,600 results and even though they are now picking up the new content we have created, AND THEIR OWN GOOGLE PLUS CONTENT, they still DO NOT display any results from any government printing office OR Court site.

Not going to be a good thing, Alphabet.

9th Circuit Cases of Interest XML Feed
District Court Hempfling v Stanford 2:15-cv-01475
District Court Hempfling v Voyles ( changed to Volkmer) CV-16-03213-PHX-ESW
Appeals Lee Kent Hempfling, Suesie Kent Hempfling v. Kent Volkmer 0:17-cv-16329
Superior Court Hempfling v CVDC Holdings S-1100-CV-201102200