What Deep State National Security Threat ended my Radio Career?

Bigotry and Racism happened to my radio career. How is that National Security? Wait for it.

You think the south doesn’t still live in the time before stupid was crushed? Well, maybe not all the south, but one radio station in Charleston Sourth Carolina took that cake and opened a can of national security that is still active in court today: some 16 years after it was filed and 13 years after the United States Supreme Court refused an appeal and the case went into ‘another court’. It is still there. Hempfling v. L.M. Communications. et.al. Search it. But you’ll find very little. Not because of censorship, but because nothing has happened in that case since the last correspondence we had with the Fourth Circuit Clerk of Court well over a decade ago, and that letter being nearly HALF REDACTED.

I used to watch court and law stories in the news and always wondered what would possess a person to take on a legal case. Why didn’t they just get a lawyer? Isn’t a person who handles his own legal case, a fool with a bad lawyer? Well, as it turns out, no. The reason most people take a case on directly instead of a lawyer is their case is junk. Lawyers don’t take cases they can’t win. Problem with that attitude ignores the lawyer’s part in that decision. Most of those I have had to deal with, (including the moron who put me through a 7.5 hour deposition and wishes to this day i am sure than he never did that, it was the worst 7.5 hours of that man’s life. Funny as hell. Coward) are not all there in the head. And one trait is laziness.

I am NOT litigious. That would be a person that is unreasonably prone to taking issues to court when they don’t belong there. I wish law suits never had to be filed. Love working on legal issues, but am very tired of having to write it all. The legal cases we have been involved in are unlike any others for one simple reason. We never reacted. That means instead of doing what counsel wanted us to do (be utterly destroyed and run out of court in embarrassment), we attacked. Every single time. The result, was a counter suit. That counter suit is the basis for why the case has been active for 17 years and yet has not issued one single, solitary legally binding opinion or order. It just sits there. Its sitting there in another court, can be explained by what happened and who was involved. But now we are waiting on FOUR LEGAL CASES to be released in the 9th Circuit. NONE HAVE.

The actual law suit, Hempfling v L.M. Communications LLC. et.al. was placed on hold by a reverse order. It is a simple and legal way to halt a case without a stay parties have a right to argue. Judges are good at writing orders that completely flip the facts upside down. Whatever the defendant did the judge attributes to the plaintiff. That is what the last order on the docket for this case says. An order filled with errors, and presenting falsehoods is normal when you are a pro se. When judges do that to a pro se, they are not cheating, they are not being corrupt. They are doing their best to help the pro se get out court in one piece. It has nothing to do with the facts or justice. Suing a judge, to me, was a reprehensible thing. Oh well.

So, who was involved and why I am no longer in radio?

  • https://www.lmcomm.com/ LM Communications still in business and just as illegal as they can get.
  • https://www.1055thebridge.com/ is the address and name of the current radio station format. It was WCOO but called Cool 105.5 .I was the morning personality and program director.
  • Robert Mueller
  • John McCain
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Rick Perry (not the secretary, the chief of staff)
  • The EEOC
  • the FBI
  • the DOJ Civil Rights Division
  • George W. Bush
  • J. Strohm Thurmond Jr.
  • The NAACP
  • the FCC
  • Carrie Dominquez
  • SC Governor Henry McMaster (sent me a copy of an email i should never have been copied on!!!)
  • former SC Governor Mark Sanford
  • EEOC punk Billy Sanders (told me in a private meeting at an EEOC convention that my case wasn’t going anywhere in EEOC, grabbed me harder than a non assault would have been and told me we’d cross them bridges when we got to ’em. Referring to my EEOC complaint and how I was objecting to it being controlled by the NAACP and completely horrible practices.)
  • And the characters of the radio station.

Then… what happened? Why is this racism? How is it national security?

When I arrived at WCOO to be PD and morning drive (program director) I knew it was then a rhythmic oldies station playing Mo-Town and Beach Music. It was all white. Except two part time air personalities. My suggestion to the station ownership was to take advantage of an over 30% black population and add a black voice to the station in mid-days and evenings. Evenings didn’t work out so well, caught the DJ doing un-nice things. Fired him. That left one single solitary black person  (female) on the staff. After listening to her do her weekend shows I decided she would be perfect for mid-days and proceeded to make that happen including training.

It was stopped by the General Manager Charlie Cohn and his muscle.. engineer Bruce Musso. What a greasy slimey thing he was. When I refused to stop wanting a black person in mid-days my life in that radio station became the worst it has ever been in that business. The image was created by Musso as he was proud of keeping that black female out of the radio station.

They literally sent the station engineer to the transmitter building each morning to cut power to the transmitter during my morning show, making my ratings at first appear to be negative. (Federal felony.)
I was threatened with an anti-Semitic image of Yasar Arrafat and guns.

They turned on EAS tests without warning and failed to return the signal.

They made every single day for months completely unbearable but I would not fold. And I would not give up. A black music radio station without a black personality was the epitome of old guard racism.

My wife and I actually stayed up at night watching for intruders because the attitude at the station was one step away from their being violent.
There were a lot of other things, such as the station engineer who followed orders wound up DEAD. You figure than one out. They knew he had health issues yet since he screwed up in the get me out project I am convinced he died after being yelled at. I was told he tied on the steps of a hospital.

The black female wound up leaving the station and filed a complaint with the EEOC because they would not permit me to hire her. That actually got settled not too long after. Never found out what the lady got from the station ownership but with the NAACP handling her complaint for her I’m sure it was some form a strong armed tactic. In fact it appears that deal with EEOC used my case as leverage and killed my case by agreement outside of it.

That’s how I found out what the connection between NAACP and EEOC was. That turned into an EEOC case of my own because Cohn, unable to make me stop wanting to represent the population of the market, broke laws and then fired me, on tape, admitting for no reason: but they would think of one.

That is when it got interesting.

EEOC was run by the NAACP. In 2005 George W. Bush cleaned out the EEOC and changed their business model to one like a law firm. Carrie Dominquez never got the notice sent to her as it was stolen and wound up in the hands of a much lower office of the EEOC. Bush removed South Carolina from the district controlled by North Carolina and gave it to Georgia. He replaced the entire staff at the DOJ Civil Rights Division. They were controlled by the NAACP as well.

This cover up letter from EEOC started the entire process to destroy my complaint in order to use it to settle another one.

The FCC , the EEOC, the FBI, the DOJ all managed to do the bidding of the NAACP and I recorded every bit of it. We looked up the skirt of multiple executive agencies and were able to literally light up the underskirt deep state network (then called the Shadow Government).

Here is the DOJ Civil Rights Division total lie.

That evidence, over 9000 pages of it was presented to John McCain’s office. He suggested legal action. What he did what that 9000 pages of evidence is anyone’s guess. It started with Patricia Thompson filing the form below to start her EEOC case. Her case was settled and mine was used to bargain away. Same employer, same issue.

Lindsey Graham’s office was contacted when we lived in South Carolina and his chief of staff Rick Perry interceded and ruined any help from that direction. Is Graham a progressive plant? Perry?

Former U.S. Attorney J. Strohm Thurmond put his position into the mess and had to resign over it later.

Robert Mueller did get his copy. He did nothing I am aware of. But he knows to this day of a case still active in the 4th circuit that blows the entire deep state to hell.

Yes, it is a lot more complicated than this depicts. What started as an attempt to bring Charleston South Carolina into the 21st century wound up identifying and nailing quite a few deep state operatives. OVER 9000 pages of direct evidence.

I was even told by an FBI AGENT that they would not investigate a threat on my life because… ready for this…. it wasn’t ongoing. The engineer was still alive then.

I tried to do my job, which was to make the radio station WCOO a ratings success. That was not going to happen thanks to hatred, bigotry and stupid.

Hempfling v. L.M. Communications . Should END the Deep State. And they have known about it for a very long time.


For more detail on this case and how it got there read https://leehempfling.com/corruption/fourth-circuit-case/complaint-before-the-federal-communications-commission/