Mark Brnovich MUST RESIGN NOW!

This corrupt pathetic man ran on INTEGRITY four years ago. THERE HAS BEEN NONE.
This corrupt pathetic man ran on INTEGRITY four years ago. THERE HAS BEEN NONE.

Hey Mark Brnovich go ahead, tell the world your position on rule of law. How about the Constitution? What was that? Oh, you don’t want to? Yep looks like he’s running for re-election and doesn’t have any positions. Could it be that should he pretend to act like an Attorney General he might make it even more embarrassing for the state? NO! It is about his wife being nominated for a Federal life time judge position in Phoenix. Everything was about that, wasn’t it Mark?

Hiding your reprehensible behavior in Federal District Court and Federal Appeals Court trials can only work until you can’t control it. And that time is coming Mr Brnovich. You going to block me too? Ever heard of 17 Civ. 5205 (NRB) Knight First Amendment Institute v Donald J. Trump: U.S. District Court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald? Sure you have.

See a quote:
“This case requires us to consider whether a public official may, consistent with the First Amendment, “block” a person from his Twitter account in response to the political views that person has expressed, and whether the analysis differs because that public official is the President of the United States. The answer to both questions is no.”

“Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled that Twitter serves as a “designated public forum” and is protected under the plaintiffs’ First Amendment rights. Therefore, the judge added, their “exclusion” from the platform constitutes a breach of those rights.”

Well guess what else serves as a “designated public forum”? Right. FACEBOOK! So why then Mr. Brnovich is Amanda Stanford blocking me from seeing her newly created, replace all the rest, changed and edited following first hand knowledge of the contents of a STOLEN PIECE OF MAIL (same as U.S. Mail Theft!) and why are you not doing something about it?

Oh… that’s right. I almost forgot YOU TOO HAD KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONTENTS OF A STOLEN PIECE OF U.S. MAIL ADDRESSED TO THE 9TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS. Or is that TWO stolen mails? Oh no.. that’s right, INSIDE THE APPEALS AND DISTRICT COURT TRIALS THERE WERE 5.. THAT’S RIGHT… FIVE PIECES OF MAIL STOLEN ADDRESSED TO THE COURT. It is all on the appeals docket for the public to see. Only ONE party to the cases involved had the political clout and the legal connections to make that MAIL THEFT HAPPEN. But wait.. there’s more…


Somebody (let that sink in) had a reason to hide the outcome of the cases and in some way, nefarious I’m sure enlisted GOOGLE (ALPHABET) to CENSOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS AND THE PHOENIX DISTRICT COURT AND US. Go to to see, under LEGAL the links showing how the blocking happens and how using BING shows what SHOULD have been shown. But don’t bother trying to remove that because as you know, very well…. the court already has it nailed.
Well then, if you have no positions, let us see… do you have anyone endorsing your re-election? Whoops… not that either. So NOBODY supports your re-election? I doubt that.

There are scores of people who think you are one of the good guys. We know better, don’t we Mark? So, running for re-election, no positions and nobody is publicly being listed as supporting you BECAUSE YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THEY WOULD ATTACK YOU IN A HEARTBEAT IF THEY KNEW YOU WERE LYING TO THEM (like you did to the FBI in your wife’s nomination investigation?) Well they will know! When they find out what your office did in Federal Courts I would suspect every other case your office is facing will be met with lawyers objecting to you and your lawyers as they are proven liars. MULTIPLE TIMES. Oh and don’t forget the felonies.

Also dude.. why all the signs? Nobody is running against you in the primary so the signs can only be to make the people you have fooled into supporting you believe you have a chance at STAYING IN THAT OFFICE.

So now what Mark? Going to resign before the state is literally devastated by your office’s actions? Sure you won’t. Let your ‘supporters’ hang in the wind. Keep up the smile. And I’ll keep my smirk.