NO GAG ORDER! ARIZONA: Do I stay quiet or spill what I know?

Do i reveal, through publicly available documents, press and federal court, what this is?

Do I reveal why the above case was NOT refiled after a mistrial was declared? (The defense counsel already knew that.)

Do I reveal WHAT the super secret federal investigation in Arizona is all about?

From ABC-15: “Evidence of bribery against a former elected Arizona utility regulator was discovered during a larger, unrelated federal investigation, a prosecutor said in an email filed in court.

The email confirmed speculation within Arizona political circles that the bribery allegations against former Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce had surfaced during a broader investigation, though prosecutor Fred Battista didn’t reveal the focus of the larger probe.”

From The East Valley Tribune: “Federal prosecutors are offering to tell East Valley defendants in the Corporation Commission bribery case who and what else they’re investigating – but only if they agree not to share that information with anyone else.” … “…the prosecutors essentially admit they pretty much tripped across the facts that led to the bribery charges against the four ‘during a much larger and more intensive investigation.'”

What was Battista talking about?

Why would the Pinal County Attorney’s Office beg the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a court filing last year NOT to grant citizens constitutional protections for the rape of due process? Seriously that IS what they asked. (Paraphrased to be insolent! As I have absolutely the greatest respect for law and the courts but from experience, CURRENT prosecutors in Arizona are CRIMINALS by default. Court records prove this.)

What may have started the ‘bigger investigation’? What local PINAL COUNTY PEOPLE are knee deep in this fiasco? Why did the Pinal County Attorney’s Office refuse to recognize their own top litigator declaring he didn’t even work there?

How did the Arizona Attorney General’s Office start an investigation in 2011 and then turn it over to the Feds in the first quarter of 2014? For that matter; why?

Can anyone know any of this and not be under a gag order?

YES. Me.

Every moment the appeals court does not publish the final orders in Lee Kent Hempfling & Suesie Kent Hempfling versus Kent Volkmer, Mark Brnovich and a Superior Court retired judge: the argument made by Pinal County is granted, without doing a thing. Every single day the massive collection of violated Constitutional Rights is not made whole, is not returned, are not reinstated is yet another violation of the rights stolen. There is more than ample SCOTUS case law to prove this is illegal.

Why would the top litigators of both the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the Pinal County Attorney’s Office lie repeatedly in court filings (caught and acknowledged in the trials.) Why would ‘someone’ (yes I KNOW WHO) make an arrangement with Alphabet (Google) to use the full force of Google’s platform to censor and hide documents from the United States Court of Appeals? And I KNOW HOW!

Why would ‘someone’ arrange and then continue to permit the outright THEFT OF U.S. MAIL addressed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. ALL FIVE THEFTS WERE CAUGHT! We even set up a ‘sting’ for the last theft. You’re welcome. And it will happen again. So.. that’s tempting.

How can the United States Postal Service explain the infiltration inside their mail processing centers that does the bidding of unscrupulous state prosecutors? WHO ELSE has used that service over the past few years? Can the Postal Service survive this disaster? If you cannot trust your mail delivery, especially legal mail, you cannot trust AT ALL.

There are a lot more questions that need to be answered and the best place for that is issuing the opinions and orders in Lee Kent Hempfling & Suesie Kent Hempfling versus Kent Volkmer, Mark Brnovich and a Superior Court retired judge.

How much longer (it has been SEVEN MONTHS since the court took up the final re-opening of the Hempfling v Volkmer case and STILL no published opinions) will it take for the government to be forced to stop VIOLATING LAW?

There is no question of should. There is only the question of WHEN!

Read this article:

In that opinion piece of Aug. 10, 2018 Robert Robb of Arizona Republic ended with:

“The Pierce bribery case was reportedly part of a larger FBI investigation, presumably into the role Arizona Public Service played in the 2014 Corporation Commission races. APS is widely suspected of having funneled large sums of money into independent expenditure campaigns by groups not required to report their donors. If improprieties were committed, again state law would fit much better than potential federal charges. But, also again, there’s reason to doubt that this investigation will produce anything that will stick. I believe that APS has played dumb politics for several years now. But all those involved were lawyered up the wazoo. The chances that they committed an indictable misstep are slim. Don’t the feds have some truly federal crimes they could be investigating?”

They sure do. And don’t presume.

Enough is ENOUGH.

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