As of June 9, 2018: Searching for the title of the appeals court case : Lee Hempfling Suesie Hempfling vs. Kent Volkmer Et Al, results in active censorship in Google.

After finding 8,250 results for that search query, Google only includes three references to that case. But how many of them are there really? Not to be outdone by that, Google has completely blocked search results to and PinalCountyJustice.Com. Censorship at the direction of a STATE GOVERNMENT.

Bing, in the same search, results in 30,500,000 document links. The entire first page of 10 is taken up with the case directly.

Try the search query in any search utility that does not get its feed from Google and you will find, GOOGLE IS CENSORING CITIZENS AND THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AT THE DIRECTION OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA.

Click icons to open screen shot images of these search results a couple of days before.


9th Circuit Cases of Interest XML FeedDistrict Court Hempfling v Stanford 2:15-cv-01475 District Court Hempfling v Voyles ( changed to Volkmer) CV-16-03213-PHX-ESWAppeals Lee Kent Hempfling, Suesie Kent Hempfling v. Kent Volkmer 0:17-cv-16329 Superior Court Hempfling v CVDC Holdings S-1100-CV-201102200