Public corruption tough to prove without smoking gun – FAKE NEWS*


Has a reporter written something bad about you? Have you been found culpable in a court for committing a crime?


One of many concierge services offered to the rich and famous.

Such as…

Those are things you cannot have.

Those are things you can't have.


If you are rich, a politician, a top CEO, Arizona’s Attorney General, anyone with power who can scratch the virtual back… Google has a service for you!

Just file a complaint with google’s copyright (reputation) protection service.

It will be sent to Lumen Databasewhere it will join hundreds of thousands of other web pages that are totally blocked from search results for one reason or another. Most all of those, used to show that process at the bottom of every search result collection. You could click through to Lumen Database and see the entry made that was protecting the content you were complaining about.

Sure, Lumen claims to do copyright infringement protection. Vigilante Internet Concierge by its very model. But Lumen also uses the exact same process to protect the reputation of important people.

Did you ever have something happen in your life that if it was public would stand in the way of getting ahead, or perhaps staying out of prison?

A lot of people have. A few elected officials in Arizona as an example. People had, until a few years ago , no choice but to take it up the tailpipe and ride out whatever search result data was damaging. Actually that is the way it is supposed to be. The press (the news) is constitutionally protected in this country, but the people who are involved in that news only have rights if they violate the law or if the accuser violates the law.

Developers started receiving a lot of requests for reputation management. Somehow the concept eased into the general mindset that it was possible to just tell Google to remove a site or a page. Of course, every developer knew very well it was impossible to do that. The actual reputation management industry is a money hog. It has to be. To deal with a bad site or bad content of a page, or a site it takes many things and a great deal of labor. The results are still not guaranteed. It costs a lot if money to just try to hide something not favorable.

Until Google got into the business itself. Unknown to anyone else.

If you have what Google wants you can have a children’s book [author] file a complaint with Google; who then forwards that complaint to Lumen Database; who then attributes the URL provided to the blocked list; as it ‘was*’ reported as a result of copyright infringement. Not by a court order. The Lumen Database Vigilante Service for the rich and powerful.

Of course you did not know Google was in the official hide data business.

Their own spokeszombies only know what they are permitted to know and can never answer something they were not intended to be aware of to begin with. I’m sure you did not know the United States Postal Service operates just such a service!

When you agree to be aware of the censorship concierge service you may also become aware of the service offered by people within the Postal Service. These people are not the USPS and if organized can only be the Postal Employee Union. Want to know what a letter says? Want to spy on a competitor? Want to delay a court filing to a dealing is missed? (There are one hell of a lot of lawyers out there.) You can also get your kid into a super school no matter how dumb Robbie is. Play sports? You know all it takes.

Google’s Reputation Management Service. Another exclusive perk of membership in the Google Hall of stuffed heads.

Get yours today.

* The story this is parroting was published in the Phoenix Capital Times with the by line of a local reporter. Read the article and you can come away with only ONE assumption. The article is an obituary running down the list of Public Corruption cases Brnovich decided not to file charges in. In other words, its a laundry list of failures.  But more importantly, it is ALL THREE (only knew of two) formerly called Public Information Officer or PIO and are referred to in totally improper pronouns for the day and age. Something a reporter would NEVER do. The two women are referred to as SPOKESWOMAN and the one man (WHO QUITE OBVIOUSLY WROTE THE PIECE) calls himself SPOKESMAN. This is a press release written by a lawyer to put a history of Public Corruption connection to the name Mark Brnovich in search indexes. When I was finished reading the article the first question I had was: gee… I did not know Brnovich had died. Of course it isn’t an obituary. It is background for reporters too lazy to check sources. Picking content to rebut court opinions based on what Brnovich’s own puppets have written about him. Feel like a chuckle? Search the name Mark Brnovich in Google news. You will see almost all (99%) of the results were press releases written for publication BY HIS OWN OFFICE. Now he’s trying to control what people find when they search for MARK BRNOVICH PUBLIC CORRUPTION.

** Disclaimer: Google dropped showing the Lumen Database involvement after it was exposed in open Federal Court. Everything here is true. Unless conjecture.