Reporters: This is how to find Lee Hempfling vs Kent Volkmer on Court Dockets

Normally one would think a search engine is Boolean. It will take one word searched and find it anywhere in the title of what is searched.

Not to our friends at PACER. Antique software.

When looking up the case if you search HEMPFLING in PACER you will get this:

The links in red (minus the last one at the bottom) are this case. The first Stanford case was before Judge Reyes and was never actually posted.

The second case is the red link and it is the correct Clerk of Court docket.

And there is one Hempfling v. Voyles which is the District Court case that led to the Appeal.

But where is the Appeals case?

Looking for Hempfling v Volkmer a reporter will find the district court case, BUT NOT the Appeals Court case.

There are two ways to find it.

Use the case number: ( 17-16329 ) it opens right up.

Or search Lee Hempfling:

And there it is.  Pacer searches from the beginning of the case title and quite literally.

As a reporter the chances of you being a lawyer are rather slim so understand this: the entry on 12/26/2017 did NOT end that case. It went on… quite a bit.

DO NOT EVER ASSUME that a Disposition Memorandum ends anything.