Case Advisory

Case: 0:17-cv-16329

Court: 9th Cir Ct Appeals consolidated 14th Amendment cases became 1st Amendment during trial.

Nature of Suit: 440 Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights

Terminated: Dec 26, 2017 and May 18, 2016.

Defendants in 2:16-cv-03213: Mark Brnovich Attorney General official capacity, Kent Volkmer Pinal County Attorney official Capacity, Superior Court retired Judge Cory Johnson official Capacity.

Defendants in 2:15-cv-02268 : Amanda Stanford Clerk of Superior Court Pinal County, Lynn Hurley former chief of staff.

Status: Pending conversion from orders to opinions local rule 36-4, after conducting what amounted to a sting in the post office to catch the theft of the most recent mailing to the court.

Background: The State of Arizona has and is censoring the United States Government, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Phoenix Federal District Court and the Plaintiffs of the appeal and district court cases through an illegal arrangement with Alphabet (Google) that literally ignores this specific case in search queries. This is all public record inside the appeals and the District Court cases. See docket #27 in the appeals case. contains screen shots and search queries to demonstrate the reprehensible conduct of the State of Arizona’s office of the Attorney General. That office committed
repeated acts of perjury (as did the county attorney’s office); was instrumental in the THEFT of U.S. Mail FIVE TIMES during and after the district court trial (conducted by a three judge circuit panel.)