The big #PinalCounty news so far this week has been:

1: Lando Voyles’ attorney’s office didn’t correctly record a bit of what was given to CHARITY from RICO funds. SO WHAT? NO LAWS BROKEN. NO MONEY LOST (or they would have said so!) ‘Voyles told PinalCentral in a statement: “Audits always recommend improvements, which I’ve always welcomed. I knew the audit would prove what every independent audit said, that we’ve vastly improved policies, procedures and reporting.”

2: Paul Babeau’s sheriff’s office put RICO funds into support for officers and had officers administer it. SO WHAT? NO LAWS BROKEN. NO MONEY LOST (or they would have said so!) Speaking to PinalCentral ‘”The foundation was established before I was sheriff by employees of the prior sheriff’s office,” former Sheriff Babeu told PinalCentral. “They’ve done much good for our community and the sheriff’s office has zero authority over a non-profit 591(c)(3).”‘ Same Link. “The audit states that its findings have been submitted to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for review.” Same link. Oh great. The state’s BIGGEST MOST CORRUPT POLITICIAN MARK BRNOVICH will decide what to do with NO CRIMES COMMITTED. How sickening.

3: Former Pinal County attorney Jim Walsh (run out of the county on rails for having refused to DO HIS JOB, and whatever else he’s still hiding) was given a soapbox by the ever dependable Arizona Republic to spew forth how he has declared everything was political BECAUSE HE GOT HIS ASS BEAT OUT OF THE COUNTY. SHUT UP WALSH! You are disgraceful!

4: Current Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer continues in Walsh’s footsteps by refusing to prosecute a COP who destroyed the public trust and exposed his own child to become a sexual target. Volkmer even knowingly intended to NOT DO HIS JOB: (Have you heard of any prosecutions going on in the overly drug infested, tweeker filled county. You’d assume crime stopped in Pinal County because this pathetic excuse for an ambulance chaser treats crime like the defense attorney he is.

5: Current Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer continues in his job even though he knew the content of a stolen U.S. Mail filing addressed to the 9th Circuit Court.. instructed his attorney Costello (whom he claimed didn’t even work there while he was the official attorney in federal court) to submit known lies to the court as the county’s official position and WAS CAUGHT DOING IT.

6: Amanda Stanford, Clerk of the Pinal County Court’s behavior is so egregious both in and out of federal court she purged her Social Network accounts and blocked the plaintiff in the law suit against her from seeing the new one on Facebook. Illegal BTW.


So there ya go… so far… #PinalCounty keeping the CORRUPT in office as LONG AS THEY CAN! And when about to be removed from office for corruption and federal crimes DIVERT THE TOPIC.