The Significance of Google’s STOPPING Censorship of the US Courts

Google, through the system created at Lumen Database had been censoring and blocking access to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals December 26, 2017 memorandum for Hempfling v. Volkmer.

Defendants and the State of Arizona, as well as the court and their own internal investigations have known about this illegal 1st Amendment violation against the Plaintiffs in the case, as well as the 9th Circuit Court itself, since shortly after the memorandum was published on the court’s website. Google indexed and reported every single case on the memorandum docket for that day, except one. Ours,

That case being censored was reported to the court and the court conducted their own ‘investigation’.

Ever since the beginning of the federal action against Mark Brnovich, Kent Volkmer and a Pinal County retired judge, Google has been acting as a co-conspirator to obstruct justice and wield unending power over information from the court. The court was notified of this condition.

Long after that, the condition of a censored case docket entry continued until it was noticed on August 29, 2019 that Google had stopped blocking that document. That means SOMEONE OTHER THAN GOOGLE (think law enforcement!) ordered them to allow that document to be found in search. There is no way Google would have ended the censorship on its own and no way any defendant would have ordered it ended as both would have nailed the perpetrator for blocking it in the first place. It is the same condition the mail is in at the court in San Fransisco. If we were to mail a letter to the court, it would be stolen AGAIN!

So Google had to have been caught, sometime before yesterday 8/29/19.

Perhaps it was just before Google quickly invited all of the coup participants and many Hollywood human drones to a private get together, on an island in Italy, where they were supposed to be talking ‘climate change’: but in reality were discussing what to do about the overall picture of what’s next. See and realize IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CLIMATE!!!!!!!

Now that Google has stopped censoring the 9th circuit court AND US!!! it can only mean movement has been made to end our cases.

But let us not forget the Post Office. If that investigation is not completed somebody needs to be fired. Enough is enough.

This screen shot shows the link to the missing PDF of the court. It wasn’t even found by its own address.

Whereas in Bing!… there it was…

Then today…. Google reports… there it is… #1 in search result because DUH! it is the exact same address!!!



While BING just keeps showing its results (08-30-2019) and even found ANOTHER case on the SAME DATE!!!!!!!

So what actually IS the significance of Google finally displaying the court’s own document?

Had Google NOT been stopped before the case is published, the result would have been entrapment, as the court has known about the censorship for quite a long time.

Now that Google has stopped blocking the court, publication will not result in another disaster of a 1st Amendment violation and Google has NO DEFENSE!