Who is Garland Shreves and Why is he Moonlighting as Chief of Staff to Kent Volkmer?

Prior to this piece I have never mentioned a staff member who is not an attorney and directly involved in the cases this site is all about. That changes. Now!

The Pinal County Attorney’s Office lied and refused service of process for the final challenge in Federal Court. Who was responsible for that?

Look at this: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garland-shreves-a1381515/

Garland Shreves is the founder and current CEO of Research for Life. OK!

Garland Shreves is chief of staff for the Pinal County Attorney’s Office. WTF?

Now why would he have removed his social network account?  oh well… never mind… see the news about Mr. Shreves.

No wait…  he got rid of them all………. well not all… THIS is his account on Twitter but it is obviously purged back to 2014. (Purging social network accounts seems to be a ‘thing’ for Arizona politicans.)

So how about videos? Anybody who makes a Youtube account does it to put up a video. Hmmmm….

Nothing.. hmmm.. so what has he liked on Youbetube? The ‘likes’ really show what a person is interested in.

How tequila is made; travel to Brasil; block ads on an iphone 7; some music (country – good taste too!); Ways to help increase value of your business and …. huh?  HOW TO DELETE YOUTUBE VIDEOS…………. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  there is the #pinalcounty #arizona purge accounts problem again.


And now we come to the reason for this article:

The last document the Pinal County Attorney’s office had to respond to in federal court, was not responded to by Pinal County, or the State of Arizona for that matter. It was ignored by the state and flat out lied about by the county (and the filing was stolen in the mail) . How was that a lie? Someone, and it is most logically the Chief of Staff or Volkmer himself or it could be Costello or it could be a totally inept clerk (sure), refused service by declaring that the attorney it was addressed to ( Kevin Costello working there since 2013 and registered as the appearing counsel!) did not work at the Pinal County Attorney’s Office. The recipient was ‘unknown’ to that office. Even when the same Costello was before the federal court in the case being refused and STILL IS!

Here is the envelope they refused and the stamps put upon it. This is the first time the entire envelope has been presented publicly. The court cut off the tracking numbers in their copy when it was placed on the docket.

You’ll notice the misspelling of “Pinal County Attorney’s Office”. The reason was not a mistake. “Pinal County Attonrey’s Office” was the exact spelling used by Kevin Costello when he appeared in the case and it is contained ON THE APPEALS DOCKET to this day.

The answer to why it was refused has a lot to do with the mail being stolen and obviously somebody decided it was prudent to stop digging the hole. Since the state received the filing before the county and did not refuse it, the state told the county what was in it and that ended the case. It was good to see Costello fold like a cheap suit, even though they swore to the Postal Service they never heard of the guy. So who did that refusal, of a court filing sent to a PO BOX: that took a day to think it over before returning it to sender (bad mistake dummies) ??? hmmm???

The question remains and needs answering.

WHY is Garland Shreves the Chief of Staff to Kent Volkmer AND the current CEO of Research For Life, a company that does business in the same county the CEO is running the LAW IN?

I know the answer to that question.

Altogether now… can we say Mohave?