Who’s Who in Hempfling V. Volkmer

There is a statement from the Plaintiffs on the court docket reminding the court there is no gag order.

Of course there are two plaintiffs and we know who they are…. (Hello!)

But what about the people defending themselves?

Kent Volkmer denied the attorney representing him even worked for his office when rejecting being served the final Plaintiff filing. Coward.

Karen J. Hartman-Tellez tried her best to get out of all of the cases after having been caught committing perjury repeatedly in all three cases but the District Court said no. The appeals court added something.

Mark Brnovich was sued in his official capacity and that position is defended by the replacement attorney Linnens who promptly filed a complete lie and was caught at it.

Mark Brnovich is shown also individually. That was not done by the Plaintiffs. And he is represented in that personal capacity by the same Hartman-Tellez the court refused to allow to hide.