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What I Did

I used to specialize in logic applications (hence logic consulting, duh!) and I designed online presentations; created background PERL and PHP software; conjured algorithms and logic sets; created logos and image themes; specialized in Wordpress custom themes; Wordpress custom plugins; custom Wordpress Codex applications; created Spiders, Crawlers, Parsers, Indexers, Search Engines, Calculators using PERL, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and other protocols.

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What I used to do

Primarily I used to (and still do very selectively) build sites for ad agencies and agency designers in both WordPress and direct script creation in PHP or PERL at WordPress expert level creating hand crafted responsive custom themes and PSD to theme processes in white label. I also used to perform software logic creation, system design and execution charts. Since 1994. Twenty four years. That's a long time. My long term background is in radio broadcasting (WLW, WSAI, WHIO, WCOO, KEYI, KTCS, KZOU and many more both on air morning shows, program director, general manager and more), ad agency and later: high tech fields including Artificial Intelligence, Physics, alternative energy and philosophical pursuits.


My Work

These are just a few of the past projects.

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