Changing Everything

In 1913, working from a formula derived by Max Planck years before; Albert Einstein and Otto Stern proposed what they called “Nullpunktenergie” which was literally translated to mean: “Zero-Point Energy”, which is based on the noun ‘null’, which means naught, zero, nihil, nil, nothing. Zero-Point Energy has such a ring to it that ZPE is all the rage with books and research grants and private investment all geared to create the promise of the future based on something that no one knows what it is.

The existence of a residual energy is what the theory of Nullpunktenergie was all about. If one considers ‘null’ to mean what the majority of the associated words are generally thought to mean, then null becomes neutral (actual lack of). But if null is considered to be ‘zero’ then the concept of vacuum energy, and magical money machines could become accepted. People literally think ‘0’ is a number.

In 1948 Dutch physicist Hendrik B. G. Casimir (Philips Research), considered the quantized electromagnetic field between a pair of grounded, neutral metal plates. As the plates draw together, more wavelengths are excluded and the vacuum energy decreases. The decrease in energy means there must be a force doing work on the plates as they move. This force has been measured and found to be in good agreement with the theory. However, there is still some debate on whether vacuum energy explains the Casimir effect as the force can be explained equally well by a different theory involving charge-current interactions (the radiation-reaction picture), as argued by Robert Jaffe of MIT or the basis of this work, which is as simple as perspective.

The interpretation of ‘zero’ has led many people down happy paths of despair. By including just one more famous name of Physics, Isaac Newton, we can arrive at order (something this mysterious energy is supposed by theory, to be abundant with.)

A transistor is, by its very design equivalent to Casimir’s neutral metal plates. When the transistor is used in that fashion, the electromagnetic spectrum, is forced to a near neutral state, whereby its proximity to actual nothing, zero, null, nil: causes what was hugging the nothing, to be released as an active energy spectrum that is 180% from the one we know as electromagnetic.

Had this spectrum already been discovered, been responsible for Ben Franklin’s kite-strike, had this spectrum not been hiding behind a zero-point illusion then we would all be living with energy that was acquired for our use. But we live with the electromagnetic spectrum (which just happens to be the same one the things we are made of are from) and for the most part we believe that is all there is to it.

Isaac Newton knew better. He had to. If one takes the third law of motion literally (which if it isn’t then it’s not science) one reads: Third law: The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear. This means that whenever a first body exerts a force F on a second body, the second body exerts a force −F on the first body. F and −F are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

This law allows us to take the journey to neutral slowly and not perceive the approaching of neutral to be indicative of the conclusion of null. Granted, many transistors were sacrificed in this quest. (They stink when they go boom.) Condolences are offered to any involved in giving them birth.

One simple equation, applied to a transistor allows the missing ingredient to Albert Einstein and Otto Stern’s “Nullpunktenergie”.

It shows that the posit of Einstein-Stern was indeed relative to the perspective from which it was observed.

This is the discovery of the opposite of electricity, the opposite of magnetism, the process of reaching a near neutral non-zero amplitude of a wave, binding it: changes everything. Welcome to the pilot.