Dear Ignorant Pathetic Democrats Don’t Monkey Up

For the life of me I cannot understand why it is so hard for Democrats to use the search engine they own.

Google it! Morons.

When Ron DeSantis uttered the words “don’t monkey this up” in regards to anyone still remaining in Florida who has not lost their sanity, he was not making it up and he was NOT making a racist statement.

In fact, if you think it was a racist statement then YOU ARE RACIST.

Be that as it may, because only Democrats owned slaves: all it takes is a moment in hell.. I mean using the evil.. I mean Google it…

The Free Dictionary says ‘monkey up’ means: “To hack together hardware for a particular task, especially a one-shot job. Connotes an extremely crufty and consciously temporary solution. Compare hack up, kluge up.”

Wait there’s more:

Monkey this up means don’t get your monkey up. See the Routledge Dictionary so nicely quoted by Google itself:

“Perhaps alludes to animal side brought uppermost by anger” and “The mare, like some women when they get their monkey up, was clean out of her senses.”

It basically means don’t do something only an INSANE person would do. Like elect a socialist in the state populated by retired northerners who escaped that disaster when they left New York. But don’t let anything like facts get in the way.

A racist will call another person racist when they observe something THEY would use in a racist way.

It is called PROJECTION:

“in psychology, the perception of one’s own mental processes as those of an external object, resulting from the unconscious transfer of internal impulses and feelings to that object. Projection plays an important role in the formation of the psyche in early childhood, when a child cannot clearly differentiate between himself and the external world. It is also the basis of archaic and anthropomorphic ideas about the world that characterize the early stages of development of human consciousness. The onset of a number of mental diseases (paranoia, phobia, mania) is associated with pathological forms of projection. In these cases, perception of the external world is severely distorted, while the illusion of control over one’s own behavior is preserved. The mechanism of projection is used diagnostically in projective tests, such as the Rorschach test, to detect hidden motivations and stimuli.”

Projection is ONLY stopped by becoming aware.

Most democrats are NOT aware and go through their lives part of something else, whether they know it or not. (Don’t believe Wikipedia! The story is written to say a communist could not find a communist using the term. Right!)

Not Republicans.

Most GOPers are awake. Not fully aware, mind you but close enough to know that they are not what they observe.

Was it a poor choice of words for DeSantis to use? NO!

The perception is based in ignorance, not the statement.

So dear pathetic, ignorant , projection infused democrats:

Shut up.