How To Save Christmas

To Christians and those who share the new testament of the Bible, Christmas celebrates the Birth of Our Savior.


It has long been targeted for destruction and the best way to do that is to change the topic, change the focus, change the person and change the celebration from that of honoring Christ, to pandering to the greed of children. Then rest on the needs of emotional joy associated with waking up to presents on Christmas morning and the result is: CHRISTMAS IS NOT CHRISTMAS!

If you say Happy Holidays you admit that. Christmas it not on par with ANY celebration set to happen in December; in order to compete with Christmas ever rising again.

Two points need to be addressed before embarking on the solution.

1: Is December really the birth month of Christ?

The ‘story’ of Christmas is not a legend. It is the basis for an entire religion and it is the foundation of truth. The ‘story’ of Santa Claus IS a legend. Whether there was a Catholic monk named Nicholas is not relevant to Christmas. He is said to have given away his wealth. So we celebrate a monk who would be aghast to learn he was more than a monk to people at a time when we should be celebrating the one entity that monk served. HOW STUPID! But it fits the narrative of deflect and destroy.

Shepherds do not normally tend their flock at night in the bitter cold of late December. In fact that would be costly to the flock. The ‘current’ Christmas story is the celebration of the conception, not the birth. The story offered is a combination of the one thing needed to bring about a new living human followed right away with birth. People: that takes 9 months. The story itself puts the delivery around early September. Whereas if the story ‘was’ about the delivery and the conception was 9 months earlier that would put a celebration in late March. So that brings us to the solution.

Churches depict the manger and the passion story at this end of year time. Stores demand money for things nobody needs and they use the date of Christmas to push it, but they don’t bother with Christ.

It is time that changes. The solution to saving Christmas is to put it where it belongs and make it a High Holy Day AGAIN! Let the children have their late December presents and the churches gain a day to tell the story. Move the celebration of the conception (THAT WAS THE MIRACLE) to late March! Tell that story then. Celebrate Christmas for what it is. THE VIRGIN CONCEPTION the birth was just a formality.

Or better yet, ignore December, hold it all in March and let the money destroy itself.

Sinter Klaus has nothing to do with Christ OTHER THAN HE WORKED FOR HIM!

SO let’s celebrate The Forth of July Independence day by worshiping the guy who put the shoes on the horses used by George Washington. IT IS THE SAME THING!

2: Why have the big high Holy days of Christianity been corrupted?

There is nothing more evil born than deception.

Christmas has been all about deception, driven by greed. So deceitful that even the mention of ‘stop the greed’ brings rebuke for the ‘children’. Sugar plumbs, jingle bells and dollars.

Easter, the most important High Holy Day; celebrates the resurrection and IT has been covered by deception, driven by greed. Rabbits and eggs and druids oh my.

There are very few other High Holy Days in Christianity. None are celebrated with ‘days off’ or a ‘holiday’. Why? No need. The two biggies are corrupted, the rest will just be ignored.

That’s enough!

It is time Christmas is celebrated for the deep spiritual significance and the money changers ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ATTEND. I am not advocating killing off Santa. Let the kids have their presents JUST DON’T CONFUSE the legend for the truth. Read this if you want to join something.

Christmas in March. Celebrate the G-D given miracle of conception.

Stick your middle finger in the face of evil. And don’t feel bad about your child and Christmas. THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS IS NOT THAT SANTA IS A FAKE. IT IS THAT CHRIST WAS BORN.