The latest buzz phrase for what ails humans is IDENTITY POLITICS. Actually its IDENTITY ANYTHING.


Face it. If a person identifies as anything other than a unique human being that person IS NOT SELF-AWARE enough to be trusted WITH ANYTHING.

Self Aware means having the ability to apply the breaks.

Humans tend to just assume that humans are all there. Sadly, this has finally reached the point where evolution, the forward marching process of species progression has reversed.

Ever since humans first realized “I” there have been far more who do not attain “I”. If that was reversed the wealth would be concentrated in the lower income and no income people and the lack of wealth would be centered on the very rich. One has to be SELF AWARE ENOUGH to be in control to lead.

The ‘Peter Principal’, where a person will be promoted beyond their level of competence is based on self-awareness. The exception to the Peter Rule is the self-aware person who emerges as the leader, or the villain.

People who identify as other than a unique human being need to learn what can be accomplished if they do become fully self-aware.

That time is coming. In the mean time………….. there is a trick……………………….

Glasses from EyeBuyDirect.Com

If you wear glasses, ‘see’ your frames. Yes.. force yourself to see the frames of your glasses and if you realize you are not seeing your glasses, stop and see them. Keep aware of the frames. After a short period you will begin to become more self-aware. The act of forcing awareness of something that always just disappears into the foreground is a training method.

Try it. You will eventually realize that your identity is you. Not what you are, who you know, what you do, how you smell, how you look, how tall you you , how short you are, whether you love the opposite gender or the same… NONE of it is YOUR identity.

When you do become self-aware you’ll know that. You will also stop being depressed all the time, stop reacting to minuscule stimuli and will get along with your family and coworkers a lot better.

Give it a try.