Little R.I.C.C.I.

Real Independently Controlled Computational Intelligence


In this case: Little R.I.C.C.I.!  Built in 1995 as a proof of concept using science that simply did not exist before that it rests comfortable in a crate in the Phoenix heat.

Little R.I.C.C.I. has the first and so far, ONLY artificial brain ever created. It has a long term memory of about 15 minutes and represents the same basic brain structure as the smallest creature with eyes.

Construction and assembly photos are below. In one hilarious and highly interesting quirks of assembly, a memory board was being assembled and wound up with a short circuit. That group of three transistors became very cold. In fact, it was so cold moisture in the air was crystalizing on the transistors until it was disconnected. After quite a long time just staring at the board it was repaired and become the last board added to the robot’s frame.