Logic Matters: First Man

These #FirstMan (oh how PC incorrect THAT is) film makers have simply, horribly misjudged the very audience that will make or break such a major investment. A simple solution would be to hold the film back a bit.. film the sequence in pure glory and then release the film right after Christmas.

But nope. They won’t do that. It would mean the absence of the literal claiming of the moon ( that is exactly what it is when you plant a flag in an unclaimed wilderness ) and that would be an act of war.

So, as a Canadian film and things going on elsewhere (nafta) such a revision, announced to placate the masses alone would make the film the largest debut ever, in the best economy, ready to support such a thing.

Liberals don’t think that way, though. As long as they are not confronted, liberals continue on the parade but once confronted the topic changes to the confrontation and just like the nice non-aware Hukeys they are (Human-Monkey: an endearing term in evolution) they will blindly follow the loudest voice.

Which is why they keep insisting this country is a Democracy and try to change that by changing the title to Democratic Socialism (a self cancelling condition btw.) Being a Republic this is NOT a Democracy. THAT is cast in constitutional stone. That means advocating a Democracy is sedition. Oh well. Democrats.