LOGIC MATTERS: What is it about the United States flag?


Flags began as identifiers in order to tell the sides apart in battle. The flag stood for the army NOT for the soldier.

As people became organized by tyrants and heavy handed leaders, flags began to stand for the tyrant.

As people disposed of the tyrants, flags remained to stand for, to represent; the country. Not its people.

You see the flag stands for a concept liberal progressive are mostly unable to even recognize let alone pay attention to.

The concept is the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. First uttered by Aristotle, this concept has escaped 1/2 of humankind since then.

In mathematics it is said that a whole is equal to the sum of its parts and nothing else. But is that right? No! If one were to add 2 and 2 together, one
would have 4. But WHAT is one adding together. TWO VALUES. What does adding those two values result in A NEW VALUE. So sure, the answer is 4,
but the reality of the matter is the answer is also 1. From two parts comes one new part. SO the sum of the parts IS greater than the parts alone.
If not, nothing could come from such an addition but a stand alone, worthless number. Or a static universe.

Liberals apply the ‘add numbers together ignore the result’ habit. So do fundamentalist religionists. That is done by reading the words being used
in a sentence and ignore what the collection of the words results in. A CONCEPT made up of the words. That makes every sentence greater than the sum of its parts. A major ‘language’ is speaking in those new concepts and reading only those new concepts.

And that is where the flag gets lost. “Real patriotism isn’t how you treat a flag. It’s how you treat Americans,” once said a great person.

Vocabulary.com says” :What it means to be patriotic? Respect for the country’s flag, a desire to see your nation succeed, and a deep, abiding love of your country are all patriotic expressions, but being patriotic doesn’t mean you think your country’s perfect — just that you love it.”

Do you love each person that makes up the population of a country? Of course not. The country is NOT the person. Real patriotism is not how you treat anything. It is whether you understand that the country is bigger than you, that the nation is made up of millions of individuals but the nation is what stands out from that collection of parts.

Liberals always mock what they do not understand. They take the thing they don’t understand, give it a completely different meaning they can understand and proceed to act like that matters. Then they stick with the new description and attempt to change what they do not know. It is just lazy ignorance.

For the people who ‘get it’: those people who are able to read words and understand what the whole means (it is not what the words say!) then this whole topic is a waste of time; because allowing the concept to exist that words actually mean something when together that separately they could never portray, is not a liberal thinking process.

Most liberals think in images. Pictures. Mental thoughts made up of things already ‘seen’. If a visual memory does not exist whatever is being observed is declared fake, useless etc just because it has never been seen before. Liberals are slaves to their brains. It is not that difficult to look at a painting and declare that collection of brush strokes is the artist’s way of saying he was sad that day. So why can’t the same thing be done with words? Each word added to an ‘image’ makes the next have context. If the first topic word is not understood the rest will be gibberish. Much like getting stuck demanding ICE be disbanded when it was really just an ignorant fill in the blank moment that became its own new whole greater than the ignorance could fill.

When you respect a country’s flag you are respecting all those that stood beside it, defended it, and gave you the ability to be ignorant and mock what you admit to being ignorant about.

If you cannot respect the symbol of an entire country it is no wonder you can’t respect a life you cannot see. Get over it, both are going to change.