The American Health Care System Solution: CAPITALISM!

"Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters."
Hebrews 13:1

When Americans talk about the 'health care system' they have to realize there is no such thing. Health care in this country is still individual Doctors, nurses and companies performing medical services. Obamacare tried to create a 'system' by forcing participation. A 'health care system' is really a way to pay for it all. The rest, including decisions of care will return to the way it was since the founding of this nation: a personal decision between doctor and patient.

Nine years after the disaster known as Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) a solution to a fake problem awaits.

Medicare For All, or Government run healthcare are both a step toward socialism. See the solution at

Before Obamacare the 'health care system' of this country amounted to individuals selling services that are needed and patients having insurance to pay for it, or the public system picked up the tab.

Why is this a fake problem? Until Obamacare, this country's health process was a personal one. There was very little direct government control. Then it became the business of government. Was there a need for a better way to handle the rising costs of healthcare and get people the care they need whether they can afford it or not? YES! Was there a reason to create a government run system? NO!

The SOLUTION to America's Health Insurance Problem is CAPITALISM!

Taking Care of Each Other.

The Health Care Restoration Act is the opposite of the NOT-So 'Affordable Care Act'.

The American Health-Care Solution requires insurance companies desiring to underwrite health policies to offer those policies to every person, in every state of the Union they are able to serve, in direct competition with every other insurance carrier competing there.


Wide open competition will insure low cost policies with the best terms.

Policies are to be written as group policies for the specific state they are sold in. Every state becomes a risk group.

Example: Carrier A will offer a policy to Utah and a policy to New York, etc. where that group policy may then contain levels of coverage and various cost levels associated with risks contained with the respective state. This will ensure carriers the ability to charge by state and the costs associated with that state.

All previous conditions must be covered.


The American Health-Care Solution does NOT impose any cost caps or other restraints or rules or reporting obligations on medical professionals. It grants the ability, and encourages doctors and hospitals to advertise their services with costs, as insurance carriers will be incentivized to change their state rates based on smart decisions by the buyers and lower costs for the providers.


Carriers must join together in a single group policy within each state to offer insurance for those unable to afford insurance on a sliding scale based on income, assets and liabilities. State group policies are within the regulator tory and structure control of the state. Such sliding scale is to be deter-mined by the carrier within state requirements and directly reflects their obligation in the uninsured group policy. This will guarantee no person is left uncovered where claims filed on the uninsured group are borne by all carri-ers equally, but fall under The American Health-Care Solution Contribution tax program below first.


Insurance policies are sold through private agents who may offer and sell policies for all carriers within their state licensed area. Commissions are ne-gotiable between the carriers and the agents.

Buyers of insurance are provided all policies, in any competing variation and may opt to purchase or not to purchase. No individual requirement is placed on any person.

The American Health-Care Solution CONTRIBUTION

Buyers are afforded the opportunity to voluntarily increase the premium paid for their selected policy by any amount they so desire. Such excess be-comes an American Health-Care Solution Contribution and is applied by the carrier to their obligation to provide the uninsured group policy. The American Health-Care Solution Contributions are 100% tax deductible.Example: A policy sold at $425 a month where the buyer opts to add an additional $100 a month results in $100 a month applied to the carrier's obligation for the uninsured policy and $100 in tax deduction is provided to the policy holder. At the end of a year of fully paid premiums, the buyer-tax payer is provided the ability to deduct $1200 from their tax obligation regardless of their income level. Overages in excess of tax obligations are not refundable.


Those persons who have not opted to acquire health insurance prior to ill-ness requiring medical expenses are responsible for the cost of those medi-cal expenses or may be provided access to state programs, Medicaid and/or Medicare whichever is applicable and THEN signed up for sliding scale American Health-Care Solution insurance coverage for future illness or well-ness treatment.


This program will insure every person in the country the ability to acquire private health insurance at competitive rates. This program will reduce health insurance costs through open market competition retaining the rights of each state to regulate its own insurance business. Policies sold to entities, such as employers or government agencies may enjoy reduced costs based on the carrier's competitive advantage but may never pay more than similar private insurance offerings. This program will completely re-move the Federal Government from involvement in any way in health insur-ance matters. This program will take the burden off of Medicaid and Medi-care and local charitable programs by enrolling the buyer in a private policy on a sliding payment scale where costs exceeding the ability to pay are paid by 100% tax deductible contributions. Medicaid becomes a stepping stone to coverage, not a dumping ground.


A company or person contributing their entire yearly tax obligation to pay for another person's health coverage is not a loss to the nation. It is a gain in both correct reporting of profits as well as support for those less able to care for themselves. Such deductibles require confirmation from the carrier to be applied similar to 1099 reporting.

The American Health-Care Solution

Return health care to the physician and health to the nation.

Costs taxpayers' nothing! Insures every citizen in the country (foreign visitors and illegal aliens can opt to pay directly for services but cannot take part in the system.)

Develop a bill for this restoration and make it happen. The country will be much better this way because we ARE our BROTHER'S KEEPER!