The Reason Visual Thinkers’ Best Intentions Self Destruct (Joe Biden)

Detroit under Democrat Control

Psychopathology currently theorizes that “projection” is a defensive mechanism. All sorts of sub-theories have arisen attempting to describe the cause of projection but most have simply managed to describe the results of projection and attempted to attribute a cause to those results. That never works. It involves projection.

Projection can be used for many purposes, but there is only one cause of its being used. It is how a person thinks.

An aural thinker, one who primarily hears themselves speak inside their head and does not see pictures inside their head has a mixture of concepts in memory.
A visual thinker, one who primarily sees what they think inside their head has what they have seen inside their head. There are no concepts connected.

Aural thinkers can combine things that do not otherwise connect as those things will have a concept that matches. The conceptual blends can result in interesting new things.
Visual thinkers do not combine images unless they fit together, which means they have been seen to fit together already.

Have you noticed that today we don’t celebrate invention? We celebrate innovation. Innovation is previous visual memory made a bit better. Invention is a completely different thing.

Visual thinkers are captives of their own visual history.
Visual thinkers can do only what has already been done, but will forever refuse to admit it.
Visual thinkers can see memories of only what has already been seen.
Visual thinkers cannot consider consequences from actions unless those consequences have actually happened. That is always too late to stop them.

All Visual thinkers know is what they knew, so if they know they have done something wrong, and are not in control of their short term memory, they will accuse their enemies of doing the thing they know about because that is what they know. They know no other way.

So it is no surprise that while Democrats are projecting how Trump did all sorts of bad things with Ukraine, what they are really doing is projecting what they know onto another person to deflect what they know and in return all they have done is focus the rest of us on what they know.

That is where it backfires.

Over the ages, the human species has waved up and down in one era to another. Back and forth it goes. Visually dominated society: impressionism period, industrial revolution, up and down, visual to aural.

Today, visual dominates and you see the results. It takes an aural mind to comprehend consequence and therefore pick up the pieces left by the visual mind’s insistence that solutions to problems only require eliminating the problem.

So as Joe Biden’s crimes emerge from the Democrat’s own focus; let us remember, that in the past every visual society has preyed upon itself and failed to be replaced by an aural society.

It is that time again. Visual thinkers simply have to removed from the control of others. Allowed to impose their will, visual thinkers turn logic into expediency and great cities into wastelands.

It is no wonder that Republican Conservatives view Democrats as an amusing anomaly of humanity.

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