What In The World Is A Hukey?

A Hukey is a human who acts like a monkey. No, that does not mean humans came from monkeys. It just looks that way.

The world has been filled with Hukeys ever since the monkey and the human ceased being similar.

Acting like one another, having characteristics like each other, does not make either similar. It makes them able to be mistaken for each other. At certain times. In certain perspectives.

That leads Hukeys to embrace the observance and join forces with both. No one gets offended that way.

See who your Hukey is.

Think of the person in your life, it could be a co-worker, a child, a mom or a dad, just someone on the street, that did the most childish thing you have ever seen a human do. Close your eyes and sing the old childhood song, and see that person in your mind (if you can).


You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out.

Put in your left foot in and shake it all about.

You do the Hukey Pokey as you turn yourself around.

Now, That’s I’m want I’m talkin’ about.


That is a Hukey. A human acting like a monkey. And it doesn’t just happen the way you think it did.

Hukeys are all over the place. Mostly they either wind up in the gutter waiting on someone else to forage for them, or they find themselves uncontrollably seeking to forage for every person they view as less than themselves.

The little critters need hugs. They need places to play, free of pesky restrictions and obstructions. If they want to grab a handful and throw some dung at a passerby, it should be their place to do so.

They are as liberal as they can get. But not all Hukeys are liberal.

Just as the extreme liberal is a Hukey leader, the extreme conservative is, as well.

Hukeys are all over the place.

Amnesty is a bad word these days. Usually it means giving grace to someone for something they did. It means forgiveness. It does not mean absolution of personal responsibility. But to the far right wing it means the end of the world.

Just like the real liberal, the real conservative; neither of which are the lunatic fringe have far more in common than the fringe would dictate. One is trimmed in yellows pinks and lavenders and the other in browns, tans and earth colors. Yet the earth color fringe could not care less about the earth. Go figure.

Different on the outside but quite similar on the inside. The only ones who really scare me are those who have themselves to portray and not their country or their G-d. They have nothing greater than they are and therefore they are nothing. But they don’t know it. One cannot be patriotic and place party or ideology or personal political gain ahead of it. But we are seeing a lot of that lately. Why we let them get away with being called ‘patriots’ is beyond me. Unless the Hukeys are more in control than I hoped.

It takes a Village, Idiot.

The more Hukey a person is, the more literally dumb the ideas are that are supported, the more the Hukey supports them.

              Global warming: not one potential to be a fact (not saying it won’t one day reach that conclusion, just that while the world is in a warming emergency, there is not one to be losing sleep over);

              Pulling the troops out will end the war: pulling the troops out will not end the war. It will cause it to become so one sided that it will be a lost war for the poor souls left to defend themselves while their differences are being exploited (i.e.: a real Vietnam all over again);

              Putting country first means doing what is necessary, even if it disagrees with your own perception of how to survive. The whole is greater than you.

And the Hukeys keep on keepin on.

Next time you see a snowflake or an ANTIFA scum…. yep that’s a: