When are Republicans going to learn and admit that Democrats are NOT doing what Republicans blindly think they are?

  • Democrats are NOT for abortion,
  • Democrats are NOT for open borders,
  • Democrats are NOT for for a minimum wage,
  • Democrats are NOT for health care,
  • Democrats are NOT for education,
  • Democrats are NOT for the environment,
  • Democrats are NOT for renewable energy,
  • Democrats are NOT for trade agreements,
  • Democrats are NOT for equal opportunity
  • Democrats are NOT for voting rights
  • Democrats are NOT for LGBTQ rights,
  • Democrats are NOT for Civil Rights,
  • Democrats are NOT for gun control
  • Democrats are NOT for eliminating the death penalty,
  • Democrats are NOT for prohibiting torture,
  • Democrats are NOT for a right to privacy,
  • Democrats are NOT for repealing the Patriot Act,
  • Democrats are NOT for foreign wars,
  • Democrats are NOT for a single issue people expect them to be.

DEMOCRATS ARE ONLY FOR THEMSELVES. Each of those issues and more resonate with some part of the electorate. As long as Democrats can keep those parts assuming they are being taken care of Democrats can get their votes and take power.

DEMOCRATS ONLY WANT POWER for the select few who will employ it.

  • Democrats Lust after everything anyone else has.
  • Democrats consume as much as they can in Gluttony.
  • Democrats live in Greed for their own power.
  • Democrats are Sloth being lazy, wanting imposed results never working for them.
  • Democrats are consumed with Wrath. unable to control their hate and anger at not being in control.
  • Democrats Envy every single person who make it in life without their control.
  • Democrats live in false Pride, being consumed by their actions and feeling sustained by their group acceptance of them.
  • Democrats do not subscribe to Chastity
  • Democrats have the Temperance of a child
  • Democrats only feign Charity
  • Democrats ignore Diligence
  • Democrats refuse Patience
  • Democrats cannot recognize Gratitude
  • Democrats are incapable of Humility

Democrats talking just means they want a reaction. Their talk has nothing to do with the topic. It has everything to do with the reaction they can get from their target. Once the reaction is forthcoming: that becomes the new topic and Democrats can continue to straw-man every topic as long as Republicans react.

  • When Democrats speak. STOP LISTENING.
  • When Democrats introduce legislation, don’t trust it.
  • When Democrats accuse, attack them for accusing DO NOT RESPOND.
  • When Democrats talk they are lieing.
  • When Democrats accuse someone of something it is because THEY are doing it. It is called projection.

Everything Democrats do is to deceive, obfuscate, confuse and obscure the truth.

The average American Democrat is not at all like any of this. But their leaders are.


Think about it! IF this is a Republic (and it is), what on earth is a democrat? A seditionist by their very stated name.