BOOK PUBLICATION: MODERN MYSTICISM, Perception and Cognitive Deception

First published November 3, 2003

Enticy Press is proud to announce the publication and availability of Modern Mysticism.

(PRWEB) November 3, 2003

Learn about Earworms, fMRI Brain Scans, Race & Class, Music, Talent, Memory, Why You Cry, The Placebo Effect, Dr. Phil McGraw, Reality and Perception, The Ignorance of Psychology and the arrogance of Neuroscience. (174 pages)

Chapters are: Awareness, Why You Cry, The Biological Clock And Time, How Your Dog And Cat Think, The Scientific Explanation Of Homeopathy And The Placebo Effect , Music – Memory – Talent , EARWORMS: Assumptions Based In Ignorance ,The Church of Science Soup, Reality vs. Perception , HYPNOSIS: What It is, How It Works , The Dangers Of Memory In Control , What You See, Is Not What Causes, What You See, The Real Drug Abuse Epidemic, Got Balls?, Genes’ Sway Over IQ May Vary With Class ?, The Ultimate Brain Science, Is Not The Scientist ,A Lab backwards, is one L short of a ball, The Problem With Ignorance Dr. Phillip C. McGraw: Psychologist’s Mistake, Why Knowing How The Brain Works Is Important: Especially Now! plus Extra: On The Foundational Causes Of Tornado Genesis

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The Enticy Institute is the future center of brain and planet friendly energy studies world wide.

With technology for the most revolutionary advancement in data processing and transmission, since the first binary computer, the exact functions of the human brain, as well as clean and efficient energy production, Phoenix Arizona will become the international leader in technology.

Once implemented, this technology will change the transmission of data over the Internet, allowing standard telephone lines, to carry greater than broadband content; allow the production of efficient, clean power plants without the use of fossile fuels and permit the study of real intelligence and brain disorders through hands-on experimentation and adaptation.

The Enticy Institute is where brain building will result in less suffering, and more understanding, by being able to watch an artificial life, intelligent, human-level brain, think.

The Enticy Institute is committed to brain health, efficient energies and education and is located in Phoenix, Arizona to utilize the science of Neutronics Neuromorphology in building the world’s first and only, intelligent, artificial life, human-level brain android: Enticy One. The prototype, ‘Little Ricci” is presented in video, image and descriptive materials at the EnticyPress.Com publications site.

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