It must be a horrible and excruciatingly emotional pain to view the world from the eyes of a body that does not agree with the brain running the show.

Throughout history there has always been and so must be variations of things. Being diverse is just what the word says. It is a whole, apart from its parts. Humanity has suffered, specifically the otherwise most artistic and creative among the speciesl is considered different because the difference is the most personal thing a person can think of and engage in. Everybody has a perspective based on the function of their brain.

Most people would say everybody has a perspective based on preference and choice. That is making both to be what they are not. Some people don’t have a choice.

Every single thing a living creature does; that is not a result of a chemical process: is controlled by the brain of that creature. Humans are able to be aware of that. Brains are by default, able to learn that different is not bad. It is what makes life continue. What makes human life interesting (to even be aware that one is actually alive) requires developed and nurtured growth to reach self awareness. It usually takes a good eight years of life before that elementary self-awareness takes place and settles into memory. What settles in will determine if a person knows they are a unique person, of if that person needs to have external things to identify by. In humans, the quest to identify begins very early.

The percentage of humans born with the variation of brain structure that can lead to an alternative lifestyle is not going to change. Current estimates place those with a mental state that does not match their body at around 4.5% of the U.S. population.

The awareness of others feeling the same way stokes the activism. The amount and ability to communicate those differences is the only thing that has changed. When a person identifies as something other than what they are or the condition they are in, such identification runs from pure delusion to accepting the physical condition they were born with. The rare instance of a person identifying through stimuli is excepted from this discussion as the delusional are not going to become lucid by discussing them here.

The search for self has always been present since the moment the biological modification necessary to allow self-awareness happened. Obviously the species’ of humans who survived the many dark ages and evolution’s march toward extinction to emerge as self-aware humans, each believe they are normal and what is different is wrong. People have always made those judgments based on external associations and heritage. As events marched on, knowledge grew and judgments were made more and more from how much those external associations and heritage linkages were actually worth. In the modern era, civilised cultures have grown past a person’s past but still cling to the associations. Mostly in appearance and culture. The two things that become normal quickly.

Yes, there are humans with many different appearances. We call the thing people do about appearances: bigotry. If the association is part of the heritage we call those people bigots as well. Merriam-Webster says bigoty is “obstinate or intolerant devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudices.” That is not at all what it is. That definition is of the concept ‘stubborn’. It really is prejudiced, obstinate & intolerant hatred of anothers difference to you.

Well guess what? What you think are differences are just identifiers. Color of skin. Hair color. Eye color. Language. Pick a difference. The more those differences are celebrated the more they are obviously different. That never ends well because different is automatically rejected by most people.

The real difference (and there are far more variations than something you can see has) is brain structure. No, not capacity, intellect, or some other delisional observation. STRUCTURE. Some people are born to be trucks. Some people are born to be race cars. Some people are born to write music. Some people are born to paint and draw. Some people are born to calculate. It goes on forever. Each of those types of abilities are created by the specific structure of the brain that person has. We call that a talent. But everything is made up to two parts.

Generally, a ‘people’ (a species of human we refer to by their geographic location noted by the country that is there,) tend to lean one way or another for the overall use of dominate brain structure. Similars tend to attract in non-magnetic ways. Germans tend to be aural dominate. The French tend to be visually dominate. Asians are visually dominate, so much so they even write in pictures. The older the human sub-species (race, nationality) the more likely to be visually dominate.

Aural dominate brains tend to be aggressive, while visually dominate brains tend to be more gentle. Remember that everything is made up of two parts thing? For this discussion let us refer to LONGTERM and SHORTTERM memory. MIDTERM is something quantum mechanics mavens would appreciate (like a superposition) so we’ll ignore that one here. If you want proof of these two variation dominators in brain structure just look at the past. The Impressionistic Period was visual thinkers running the shot. The industrial revolution was the take over of society by aural thinkers. The current society condition is nearly visual again and we see how bad that has become. The best explanation and visual depiction of this structure is contained in the book Chapter Two “Defining, Demonstrating and Detailing Brain Function And Consciousness.”

When using the term ‘generally’ it means the majority.

Generally female humans are born visually dominate. A ‘normal’ female is dominate visually in both short and long term memory. It is what accounts for feminine. And compassion and motherhood.

Generally male humans are born aurally dominate. A ‘normal’ male is dominate aurally in both short and long term memory. It is what accounts for wars. And tycoons and inventors and blah blah blah.

So if you are a female with a visually dominate long term and an aurally dominate short term you have the structure to account for a tom boy. Or a scientist, or a great mom, or a sometimes a confused life.

If you are a male with an aurally dominate long term and a visually dominate short term you have the structure that makes a momma’s boy. And a confused life. But also a programmer, an engineer, a natural politician and more.

The long term collected memory of your life contains how you have been both trained and exposed to definitions of many things established by other people. If you find that those definitions having to do with you are not what you view yourself as being, you have to find a balance or a solution that forces a choice one way or another. That is often a external choice made by association or lineage. And it is often made without the benefit of a self-aware evaluation. A topic for a later disseration.

The pain continues. Knowing who you are goes a long way to identifying your unique and special place in the Universe. Learning how your brain does what it does is just logical. You wouldn’t drive a car without learning how. You wouldn’t operate on a heart without knowing how. Until recently it has not been possible to train your self to use your own brain.

In the same book Chapter 7: Understanding Sexual Preference, the detail is explained but suffice to bullet point if you will:

Intellect is determined by the ratio between the processing speeds of long and short term memories.

Gender is perceived through a combination of the body’s specific gender parts and the brain’s specific gender behavior. If the gender behavior does not match the body parts that person is completely out of balance.

In order to balance; that person needs to either learn why the feeling of being apart from one’s carcass as foreign happens or continue as if the knowledge is not available to learn. The latter would be dumb. Learn the mechanism and you will understand what it does. And then you will be able to control what it has done to you without your permission.


Keep score and answer truthfully.

The more self-aware you are, the more accurate this will be. In simpler terms: the more self-aware you are, the more in control short term processing is.


These variables come into play to get an accurate result:

  • Short or long term dominance

  • Short or long term process matching the default for the gender

  • Intellect is not considered in this unless there is none then well…


If you are female do this version.

1: Do you see pictures in your head while awake? If so, score 1.

2: Do you see pictures when recalling an event from years ago? If so, score 1.

3: Do you hear your voice inside your head when you think? If so, score -1.

4: Do you hear your voice inside your head when you recall an event from years ago? If so, score -1.

Have you scored 0?


If you are male do this version.

1: Do you hear your voice inside your head while awake? If so, score 1.

2: Do you hear your voice inside your head when recalling an event from years ago? If so score 1.

3: Do you see pictures inside your head when you think? If so, score -1.

4: Do you see pictures inside your head when you recall an event from years ago? If so, score -1.

Have you scored 0?



This is, of course, NOT A SCIENTIFIC EXERCISE and therefore susceptible to untruth and misinterpretation, but as a demonstration it tells you this:

Regardless of gender (your life does not have a gender until you live it) the scores mean the same thing.

A score of ’0’ means your body is not agreeing with your brain. Likewise your brain is not agreeing with the body your parents put you in. Disclaimer: If your level of self-awareness is not full teh results cannot be trusted until you reach that point.

Neither one is a fait accompli. It takes what we said we weren’t going to talk about.

That MIDTERM memory, which IS the sum of your life’s observations in both visual and aural pathways (eyes and ears as inputs), and represents what you have become based on what your brain does and the body it is within: as well as every outside influence you ever had.

If your life that collected memory of it all, through every interaction of it, accepted your interpretation of what your brain say: you should be: then you are potentially Gay. You don’t have to be. Being Gay is not a choice. It is a learned behavior based in the brain’s perspective of the world.

If it ever IS a choice… it is FAKE.

Further disclaimer: This topic is deep inside a long history of teaching in religious circles. It does serious harm to those who are really Gay to attack that. It does serious harm to those who are Gay to challenge beliefs long held and long defended. Knowledge is the solution to bigotry against Gays. NOT ACTIVISM! That just makes those against the cause defend it even more and sets the cause back every time it it used.

Another Disclaimer: every disclaimer here is disclaimed. Its the internet.

Yet Another Further Disclaimer: You may have scored a -0- and don’t consider yourself Gay at all. Fine. But remember. You grew up the way you did and your brain is not anyone else’s. If you need more depth in self-awareness this is a good way to identify it.

And a final disclaimer: NOTHING here says you learn to be Gay.

But you CANNOT be a real Gay and NOT be born Gay.


Whatever you do:


That is way above ALL of our pay grades.