The Simple #Difference Between #Liberals and #Conservatives

The difference is mental perspective: caused by different dominant brain processing dependencies. Brains function in either visual or aural dominance in both short and long term memory processes. There’s a lot more. Look it up.

Liberals see history thru a rear view mirror as they primarily think visually. They see forward through the same perspective. Their own! Which ignores that of history’s participants. So they never learn history. They only learn what was wrong with it.

Conservatives view history by turning around and viewing it from the perspective of those who lived it. They see forward by the concept of future which can only happen if the past directs it. They are able to learn from history to apply it to do what was right and avoid what was wrong.

Liberals see forward by their hopes and fears.

Conservatives do not huddle, as association has nothing to do with whatever concept the topic is.

Liberals see a problem and they see the solution because a wrong has a correction. Their method is to just make the solution happen. Declare success.

Conservatives perceive a problem and they contemplate to perceive a solution. The method is to start at the beginning and reach the solution.

Liberals need association, groups and quantity in people numbers because: their perspective is built on that perspectives created by others similar perspectives.

THAT is foundation on quicksand.

That is all there is to it.