The Reason Visual Thinkers’ Best Intentions Self Destruct (Joe Biden)

Detroit under Democrat Control Psychopathology currently theorizes that “projection” is a defensive mechanism. All sorts of sub-theories have arisen attempting to describe the cause of projection but most have simply managed to describe the results of projection and attempted to attribute a cause to those […]


Michael Bailey United States Attorney District of Arizona The following is the Whistle-blower complaint filed with the Office of the Inspector General 9/25/2019 Confirmed by Investigation Division on September 30, 2019. WHISTLE-BLOWER: REPUBLICAN COVERUP U.S. ATTORNEY FOR ARIZONA; CRIMES COMMITTED IN FEDERAL COURT TRIAL HE […]


CLOSED,JURY,PROSE U.S. District Court District of South Carolina (Charleston) CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 2:04-cv-01373-PMD Hempfling v. LM Communications, et al Assigned to: Judge Patrick Michael Duffy Demand: $0 Case in other court:  Fourth Circuit, 5-1987 Cause: 42:1981 Civil Rights Date Filed: 05/03/2004 Date Terminated: 08/31/2005 Jury Demand: […]


LEE KENT HEMPFLING; SUESIE KENT HEMPFLING,                      Plaintiffs – Appellants,    v. KENT VOLKMER; BOYD T. JOHNSON; MARK BRNOVICH, Attorney General,                      Defendants – Appellees. 06/28/2017  1  19 pg, 376.94 KB DOCKETED CAUSE AND ENTERED APPEARANCES OF COUNSEL AND PRO SE APPELLANTS. SEND MQ: No. […]


  Date Filed # Docket Text 11/10/2015 1 COMPLAINT. Filing fee received: $ 400.00, receipt number PHX165017 filed by Lee Kent Hempfling, Suesie Kent Hempfling. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(LSP) (Entered: 11/10/2015) 11/10/2015 2 Filing fee paid, receipt number PHX165017. This case has been […]

Hempfling v. Voyles

  Date Filed # Docket Text 09/21/2016 1 COMPLAINT. Filing fee received: $ 400.00, receipt number PHX176714 filed by Lee Kent Hempfling and Suesie Kent Hempfling. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet) (ATD) (Entered: 09/22/2016) 09/21/2016 2 Brief in Support of Plaintiff’s MOTION for Permanent […]


When the commander of the Charleston Air Force Base was retired I put together a special in his honor. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 96.5 Oldies Corpus Christi Texas Star98 Ft Smith Arkansas The Twister Topeka Kansas WKRC 550 Cincinnati Ohio WCOO COOL 105.5 […]

Cool 105.5

Lee Kent Morning Show WCOO Cool 105.5 Part 1 Lee Kent Morning Show WCOO Cool 105.5 Part 2 Lee Kent Morning Show WCOO Cool 105.5 Part 3 Lee Kent Morning Show WCOO Cool 105.5 Part 4 Bruces mixdown what RACISM does to a person Show […]

Complaint Before The Federal Communications Commission

From the LM Communications Law Suit Complaint Before The Federal Communications Commission Mass Media Bureau 445 12th Street, SW Washington, D.C. 20554 In the Matter of                                                                       )                                                                                     ) L.M. Communications Inc.                                                        ) Parent Corporation of Radio Station                                          ) WCOO(FM), Kiawah Island, SC                                           ) L.M. Communications of South Carolina Inc.              ) […]

Just a thought on Icons

First published Saturday, September 11, 2004: The Republican icon is an elephant. The Democrat icon is a donkey. Aren’t they very appropriate? Think about it. An elephant is said to remember for a long time. We shall not forget. An elephant is slow to react, […]

Little R.I.C.C.I.

Real Independently Controlled Computational Intelligence R.I.C.C.I. In this case: Little R.I.C.C.I.!  Built in 1995 as a proof of concept using science that simply did not exist before that it rests comfortable in a crate in the Phoenix heat. Little R.I.C.C.I. has the first and so […]


The latest buzz phrase for what ails humans is IDENTITY POLITICS. Actually its IDENTITY ANYTHING. Why? Face it. If a person identifies as anything other than a unique human being that person IS NOT SELF-AWARE enough to be trusted WITH ANYTHING. Self Aware means having […]

Changing Everything

In 1913, working from a formula derived by Max Planck years before; Albert Einstein and Otto Stern proposed what they called “Nullpunktenergie” which was literally translated to mean: “Zero-Point Energy”, which is based on the noun ‘null’, which means naught, zero, nihil, nil, nothing. Zero-Point […]

The Rule of Law

  Years ago you may have heard President George W. Bush speak of the “rule ‘uhh’ law”. What IS the ‘rule of law’, and why is it the single most important element of a free nation, and how is it threatened today?                                                          This is […]

Prosecutorial Misconduct Epidemic Bears Rotten Fruit

The definition of Prosecutorial Misconduct is [1]: Prosecutorial misconduct is conduct which violates court rules or ethical standards of law practice. Examples, among others, may include: Prosecutorial misconduct is conduct which violates court rules or ethical standards of law practice. Examples, among others, may include:Courtroom […]

MODERN MYSTICISM: Perception and Cognitive Deception

Announcing: Modern Mysticism, Perception and Cognitive Deception republished from 2004 now available in hardback. No profit is taken from the sale of this book. Preface: In “The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing” the mechanisms of brain function were detailed. In this book, we apply […]

Announcing: the 2005 book THE BRAIN IS A WONDERFUL THING! Republished

Announcing: the 2004-2005 book THE BRAIN IS A WONDERFUL THING! Republished, NOW IN HARDCOVER and PAPERBACK No profit is made from the sale of this book. Previously available in 2004-2005 in paperback only, it is now available unedited in hardcover and paperback. #brain […]


GOVERNMENT ORDERED (AND/OR PAID FOR) CENSORSHIP FROM GOOGLE As of June 9, 2018: Searching for the title of the appeals court case : Lee Hempfling Suesie Hempfling vs. Kent Volkmer Et Al, results in active censorship in Google. After finding 8,250 results for that search […]


Trying to receive Due Process! The beginning is a dental procedure in 2009. Law suit filed in 2011. Default in 2011. Judgment in 2012. Improper stay of case violates 14th Amendment in 2014. 2015 Pinal County Clerk Amanda Stanford illegally attacks plaintiffs and rules case […]

Hempfling v Stanford

LEE & SUESIE HEMPFLING. PRO SE IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA Lee & Suesie                 ) No.                                                 ) Hempfling;                              ) 2:15-cv-02268-DJH ) Plaintiffs.                              ) ) vs.                                       ) ) Amanda Stanford,                          )                                                 ) CIVIL RIGHTS Lynn Hurley,                    ) COMPLAINT UNDER                                                 ) 42 U.S.C. § 1983 […]


IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA PINAL COUNTY SUESIE KENT HEMPFLING,                        )             Case No: ________________________ LEE KENT HEMPFLING                         ) Petitioners / Plaintiffs                                                )                                                                             )                                                                                                     )                                         v                                                )                                                                             )            DATED: June 6, 2011                                                                             ) CVDC HOLDINGS LLC,                                    ) CVD CARE LLC,                                                  ) WPF HOLDINGS LLC,                                    )             DENTAL MALPRACTICE, WYNN CAFFALL D.D.S., P.C.,                        )                                     FRAUD […]


Suesie Kent Hempfling, Lee Kent Hempfling Apache Junction, AZ 85120 Appearing Pro Se IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA PINAL COUNTY SUESIE KENT HEMPFLING,                            )               Case No: CV2-01102200 LEE KENT HEMPFLING                         ) Petitioners / Plaintiffs                                                                                                                                   )            The Honorable Boyd T. Johnson                                                                                                           )                                         v                                                      )                                                                                   )            DATED: December 30, 2011 […]


ARIZONA COURT OF APPEALS DIVISION TWO No. ___________________ Superior Court No. CV2-01102200 PETITION FOR SPECIAL ACTION DATED: September 10, 2013                                   Suesie Hempfling,                                                                                         Lee Hempfling, Pro Se                                                                                         Apache Junction, AZ 85120                                                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS ………………………………………………………………………….. 1 TABLE OF AUTHORITIES ……………………………………………………………………… 2 INTRODUCTION […]


ARIZONA DENTAL BOARD COMPLAINT FORM                                                                                           _________ Case Number COMPLAINANT/REPORTER                                  DATE: _________________ Your Name:               Hempfling___________Suesie_________________K________________________ Last                                           First                                                                M.I. Address:              _ ____________ Street Address Apartment/Unit # __Apache Junction_________AZ_____________________85120___________________________               City                                                  State                                                                ZIP Code ______________________________ Home Telephone: (480) __982-3739___Work Telephone: () __N/A__ Best Time to Call: __AM__ SUBJECT OF […]