“Lee Kent” Hempfling Resume & History

“Lee Kent” Hempfling Broadcasting Career:

            1. WING-WGTZ Dayton, Oh AM Drive News Anchor
            2. WHIO, Dayton, Oh PM Drive News Assistant News Director
            3. KZOU, Little Rock Ar Production Director
            4. KEYI, Austin Tx Middays Production Director
            5. Sunny96 Coast Carolina, PM Drive Program Director
            6. WKRC AM Cincinnati Oh, Production Director
            7. KTCS, Ft Smith Ar Middays Production Director, Evenings etc.
            8. Big Country Ft. Smith Ar Mornings
            9. KZBB Fort Smith, Ar PD Morning Drive
            10. KMSO Missoula Mt Program director for Adult Contemporary morning drive
            11. WHHY AM Montgomery Al, Oldies Midday Production Director
            12. KLTG Corpus Christi Morning Drive Personality
            13. KTPK The Twister Topeka Ks, Created station and Program Director PM Drive
            14. KZYQ-KRKD, Greenville MS General Manager
            15. Chosen as Program Host for National Oldies show ‘LEGENDSROCK’ with Jocko Marceleno of Sha Na Na. Company never got that far. Great bunch of people though.


Worked for Larry Wilcox (Actor cHiPs) at Mediahub Networks in Scottsdale as General Manager. A provider of private label Internet Access, dynamic site servers and hosting services for the broadcasting, print and affinity markets. Responsible for P&L, business plan creation, recruitment, contract negotiation, development of business model and creation of all dynamic server engines, database processes and site presentation elements. Division’s operating capital stopped one month after nationwide launch and two page feature of me in the industry’s trade newspaper due to parent company funding restrictions. Closed operations. Developed mediahelp system, customer support center scripts.

Mediais Corporation, Scottsdale, Arizona. Chairman, CEO. A developer of software solutions, enabled by the Internet, addressing real world problems in financial transaction management, recruitment database applications and site serving-maintenance. Responsible for major development and systems creation, business model and business plan development, P&L, capital search, Perl programming, JavaScript, HTML, scores of product and utilization white papers.

Operated Triolog Networks, Topeka, Kansas. General Manager. A provider of Internet Hosting services for 120 client domains; Designer of interactive web sites in Flash, Perl and JavaScript; Administrator of domain services and freelance developer. Serving entertainment, actor and broadcasting sites. Created first worldwide searchable broadcasting job database in 1995.

Operated Lee Kent Creative Services, Cincinnati, Austin, Culver City. Proprietor. A provider of creative solutions for broadcasting stations seeking imaging, promotional products, non-traditional revenue sources and commercial audio production; 16 track studio serving imaging requirements for 74 radio and television station clients worldwide. Screen Actor’s Guild Voice Over Actor serving the CBS television series Knots Landing with VO services for the final 6 years of its run; produced by Lorimar TelePictures.

Hamilton Country Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Sheriff. Served as public peace officer for Hamilton County, Ohio (Cincinnati) assigned to the county jail. Head beater. Chow server.

From 1972 to 1980 Screen Print Products Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio. Third largest manufacturer of real estate yard signs and point of purchase electric motion displays in the country: Created Coke-Pepsi clock displays, convention displays, designed over 500 corporate logos, invented Gripper sign retention mechanism, engineered design of infra-red drying, conveyor welding station assembly equipment, high speed flow coating paint system, accurate high speed registration system for screen printing, screen burning vacuum system, 78,000 sq ft plant layout, systems flow, order tracking system, built and programmed first accounting computer system based in Altair. Managed 200+ employees in 13 departments. Sold to competition in 1980 through closing it down due to Jimmy Carters interest rates.

Elected President CEO 1979, increased quarterly sales 125%, negotiated 3rd National Steel Worker’s Agreement. Sold three nationwide Real Estate Company contracts (Century 21, ERA, Homes For Living); Negotiated corporate sale agreement.

Appointed Executive Vice President 1977, managed plant and personnel as well as introduced computerized accounting procedures. Negotiated 2nd National Steel Worker’s Agreement. Negotiated acquisition of Cincinnati Advertising Products Co. Inc. (Manufacturer of 80% of Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi, Miller, Pabst, Barqs & 7Up advertising clocks.) Designed efficient assembly process, injection molding and packaging processes and equipment.

Appointed Vice President 1975, managed sales, marketing, in house advertising agency (Group 4); personnel and labor relations. Negotiated 1st National Steel Worker’s Agreement. Designed new plant layout, process flow for 78,000 sq ft plant.

Appointed National Sales Manager 1974, managed sales force of 14 regional reps, and inside customer service and support departments.

Regional Sales Representative 1972, served account list of all real estate offices in Midwest territory (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota). Top seller in 1973. Introduced credit card purchase ability, toll free ordering numbers, assisted VP in development of sales strategies and managed company trade show appearances. Designed logos and sign layouts for clients.

City of Cincinnati, Division of Police, Co-op Police Cadet. Full tuition scholarship.Shared work-college attendance in Criminal Justice; Served as dispatcher in police central station call center, road patrol duties extra; Photographed as recruitment poster and billboard officer but quit in disguest before it was used anywhere.

Hamilton Country Police Academy. Graduated top 10% of class, certified public peace officer 1500 hours Ohio.

Attended University of Cincinnati, College of Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice Major. Minor in Journalism and Creative Writing. Full tuition scholarship from City of Cincinnati; Left college to acquire full time employment after leaving Police Division. (I refused to take part in an ‘incident’ and became dissatisfied with the lack of concern by the Police Chief). Graduated somewhere in the list I don’t remember: Cincinnati Police Academy.

University of Salzburg, Salzburg Austria. Certificate of achievement, German Language and Culture. 1969. Got arrested for a fake murder in Salzburg along with 19 other kids in the US dormitory. No charges ever filed. It was FAKE. Confined to dormitory and closed busses for the rest of the stay. It was fun still.


Individual: “Wave Splitter- Converter and Computation Process”…Abstract: The present invention is a semiconductor circuit and corresponding algorithm for use in programming that acquires an external input and splits it for future processing. It accomplishes this task by a novel means of near neutral charge state condition thereby binding the charge state and allowing acquisition of the corresponding opposite charge states and a unique and novel manner of the application of the resulting singular charge state in a computational wave process.; Jointly with Professor Ronald C. Blue of Lehigh Carbon College, Pennsylvania: “Correlational Opposition Ratio Enhanced Process, System and Method of Intelligence In An Artificial Environment”; Abstract: The present invention is a design and process for a computational protocol exercised in either or both or either and both programming and/or hardware construction whereby Correlational Opposites are computed in a ratio enhanced method of advanced memory stimulation utilizing a unique and novel algorithm and equation based upon the precepts of a form of mathematical logic detailed within and termed “Triologic”. The process entails all corresponding elements of input process, memory process, computation process, blending process, binding process, output process and as presented, in varying degrees of control from numerous locations in the protocol, thereby entails additional claims for levels of process control of the internal output results as well as the external output results.*

Individual: Wave Calculator generated in Excel accurately identifies each key of a piano keyboard just by starting at the first note using the algorithm. (downloadable from https://enticy.org)

Individual: “A Novel Joint and Muscle Design”; Abstract: A multi-dimensional movement joint design and corresponding muscle actuator design exactly duplicating bio-movement restrictions and mechanisms for use in robotic development and artificial replacements.;

Individual: “A Novel and Unique Concept Internet Search Process Utilizing Natural Language Processing Through The Correlational Opposition Ratio Enhanced Process”.; Abstract: A numerical conversion protocol for the self building of correlational concepts in creating table based index files for acquiring single response natural language internet searches. Later reincarnated as KnowNow… then shelved will return as Elias.

Individual: “A New And Novel Method of Propulsion for Water Craft”. Abstract: A mechanical method of pushing a vessel through, over or under water that is comprised of two opposing ‘push’ mechanisms that by way of a mechanical or electrical means move in opposition to each other from either side of the vessel to cause forward movement with balanced wave results canceling each other leaving a near negative trail of movement.

Individual: “A Novel Method of Firing Protection for Hand Weapons”. Abstract: A method by use of various protective mechanisms manufactured into the weapon to dissuade improper use of the weapon and require more than one movement to discharge said weapon.

Individual: “Hearing Glasses”. Abstract: A mechanical means whereby visual arrays are displayed via a customized frame similar to visual glasses that provides visual reception of auditory signals by frequency, distance and intensity.

Individual: “Corect Visual Identification System”. Abstract: A novel means of artificial visual reception employing CORE technology for the use in 100% accurate facial and planar recognition for use in security and military applications.

Individual: “TAWS: Tornado Advanced Warning System”. Abstract: Based upon research indicating tornado genesis is derived from centripital motion leading to the Bournouli effect causing low pressure at the ground which sucks the least pressurized cloud base to the ground in a vortex shape this novel and unique invention is a series of receptors detecting near ground pressure, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, dew point and serves as a cell based warning system when dispatched in conjunction with other receptors laid out in a grid pattern and connected to a central computer system utilizing the TAWS software prediction model.

Individual: Submarine Escape Pod. Abstract: Utilizing “A New And Novel Method of Propulsion for Water Craft” this unique portable vehicle rests in a case aboard a submarine or other vessel in a depressed mode. It carries a cartridge of pressurized gases which when permitted to escape into the pod inflate it over the sailor like a protective suit causing a balanced amount of gases to be discharged into the head portion depending upon the depth and the desired rate of ascension to the surface. The pod is equiped with “A New And Novel Method of Propulsion for Water Craft” as referenced earlier which permits it to be an enclosed water vehicle to transport the sailor to safety under the user’s own power once surfaced. Adaptations of this fully expanded pod design are also claimed for recreation and other safety uses.

Individual: A Novel and Unique Method of Secure Communication. Abstract: Utilizing the “Wave Splitter- Converter and Computation Process” applied in an electromotive environment this invention transmits the resulting anti-charged signal through otherwise non-conductive materials for the extremely low power transmission of communications over vast distances which is unable to be detected by normal means of reception and unable to be disrupted by electromagnetic interference.
Other inventions are too numerous to list.*

*= Terminology used was from way back when I was masking what was going on and not telling anybody the details.