The Reason Visual Thinkers’ Best Intentions Self Destruct (Joe Biden)

Detroit under Democrat Control Psychopathology currently theorizes that “projection” is a defensive mechanism. All sorts of sub-theories have arisen attempting to describe the cause of projection but most have simply managed to describe the results of projection and attempted to attribute a cause to those […]

Little R.I.C.C.I.

Real Independently Controlled Computational Intelligence R.I.C.C.I. In this case: Little R.I.C.C.I.!  Built in 1995 as a proof of concept using science that simply did not exist before that it rests comfortable in a crate in the Phoenix heat. Little R.I.C.C.I. has the first and so […]

MODERN MYSTICISM: Perception and Cognitive Deception

Announcing: Modern Mysticism, Perception and Cognitive Deception republished from 2004 now available in hardback. No profit is taken from the sale of this book. Preface: In “The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing” the mechanisms of brain function were detailed. In this book, we apply […]

Announcing: the 2005 book THE BRAIN IS A WONDERFUL THING! Republished

Announcing: the 2004-2005 book THE BRAIN IS A WONDERFUL THING! Republished, NOW IN HARDCOVER and PAPERBACK No profit is made from the sale of this book. Previously available in 2004-2005 in paperback only, it is now available unedited in hardcover and paperback. #brain […]

What Intelligence Is!

Intellect. An eluding concept to most. An interesting challenge to many. The word: Intellect is a noun and is observed to be the “ability to perceive, ability to reason, ability to understand, brain, brilliance, cerebration, cognitive faculty, comprehension, genius, intellectual powers, intellectuality, intellegentia, intelligence, mens, […]

LOGIC MATTERS: You See What You Already Know

[responsivevoice_button] It disturbs science too! See To get right to the point: NO! That is not at ALL what they have done. The headline is like many others: it imposes the writer’s knowledge. Enhanced by the writer’s desire for it to be true: the […]