Case Background

The beginning is a dental procedure in 2009. Law suit filed in 2011. Default in 2011. Judgment in 2012. Improper stay of case violates 14th Amendment in 2014. 2015 Pinal County Clerk Amanda Stanford illegally attacks plaintiffs, forces state collection processes for no legal reason and rules case outcome in violation of the 14th Amendment. 2015 suit filed in Federal Court Phoenix. Unable to afford to take that case through the process into the Appeals venue. Another case filed, this time against Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Superior Court Judge Johnson and Kent Volkmer of Pinal County to force the illegal stay to be lifted. (Loretta Lynch and Judge Soos were dropped from the case to remove the government’s ability to object.) Why the defense from the state was so ugly, filled with proven perjury; why the United States mail was STOLEN THREE TIMES during the District Court trial before the three judge Circuit Court Panel; why Google: using an unconstitutional vigilante service they control to protect copyrights literally censored US, the Plaintiffs, this website, its cohort at and the United States of America is NOT a mystery.

After the case was completed, final order filed and mandate issued it
was necessary to use the local rule of the 9th Circuit needed to convert
the unpublished place holders into published opinions. That letter was
stolen as well: so we made another one possible. Was that last ‘copy’
stolen as well? We have to wait to find out, but the court put our
letter explaining it on the docket (took FEDEX to actually get a letter
to the 9th Circuit.)

This case judgment was lodged on December 26, 2017. Beside being the
first Internet Censorship by government ruling in U.S. history; the
behavior of defense counsel in the clerk’s case before Judge Humatewa
was disgusting. The same lawyer, Karen J. Hartman-Tellez did it again in
the Injunction case before Judge Willet and then again repeatedly
before the three judge Circuit panel and then she quit and ran for the
hills being replaced by a clone named Linnens who did it again. The
Pinal County Attorney lawyer Costello submitted lies as well, after
repeated knowledge they were lies. What started in 2009: with the desire
to have no space between two front teeth has turned into the most
reprehensible behavior of THE STATE OF ARIZONA and the County of Pinal,
one could imagine.