Easy Proof The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is CENSORED BY GOOGLE

Since we know what the address is of the document Google has blocked from public view in search, simply searching for that document shows a great deal.

https://cdn.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/memoranda/2017/12/26/17-16329.pdf is the document address…

See how BING shows the court itself as result #1. The actual document Google is censoring shows up first. Another one shows up second. Then, the opinions page and then a few similar results. Over 6000 of them. Bing is obviously not restricting or changing the results of that document search.

Now see the same search in Google…

On the other hand.. Google results begin with an AD then a pay site that has the document then it apparently knows it involves Arizona as it leads to an AD for such cases and another two ads. Google says it only knows of 1 result and that result is NOT the source of the document as proven by Bing. Google is quite obviously censoring the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. And if you read deeper in this site you will find additional proof that Google’s censoring the court is based on the court site violating a copyright infringement complaint for a children’s book. Yes. It is that simple through Lumen Database.

So why isn’t this the biggest story since the post office was caught stealing mail on behalf of the state of Arizona?