Public Corruption and the Arizona Attorney General Spokesman

Get a load of this:

Public corruption tough to prove without smoking gun

From the piece supposedly written by Ben Giles:

“Ask any prosecutor what their favorite kinds of cases are, and you’d likely get a similar answer: public corruption.Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is no different, according to his spokesman, Ryan Anderson.‘Nothing would make him happier than to be able to prosecute an elected official who has broken the law, regardless of their political party,’ Anderson said.”

Strange bedfellows these. The Arizona Capital Times, supposedly neutral(?) and the Republican Attorney General of Arizona.

Go figure.

This reads like a press release written to be pasted with a byline.

It is a story told by the spokeszombie for Brnovich. The Director of Communications no less.

Anderson wasted no time is jumping right in with mentioning the U.S. Attorney for Arizona. Written like a good Search Engine Optimization copywriter should.

The term ‘public corruption’ will now bring up Brnovich in Google News as one of the good guys.

Quoting the article once again:

“I think they are generally calling balls and strikes based upon the facts,” Paul Charlton, a former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, said of the state Attorney General’s Office. Cases are easiest to prosecute “where the evidence is very clear as it relates to a quid pro quo,” he added.Without clear cut evidence – for example, videotapes in the 1991 AzScam case of Republican and Democratic lawmakers accepting payments and bribes from undercover investigators – even high profile cases of corruption can be challenging to prove before a jury.“History is replete with high profile corruption cases that end up badly for the government because juries want to see what they read about in books, in novels or what they see on television: They want to see the cash handed to the politician, and they want to see the politician agreeing to do something inappropriate,” Charlton said. “Juries want and expect clear evidence that ensures a quid pro quo, and that kind of evidence is difficult to find.”

The article says Brnovich prosecuted stuff as the Attorney General. That is backed up by other prosecutors saying literally NOTHING.

The article is the epitome of FAKE NEWS. It is PLANTED NEWS.

Why now you might ask?