The Price Is Right 1972 to 2018 Proves Self Awareness is Slipping Away. How To FIX!


Society is becoming more and more ruthless. More and more uncontrollable. More and more chaos. More and more LESS SELF AWARENESS.

Watch the following video to see for yourself.

The answer to ALL problems with humans (not related to medical issues) lies in the brain.

The answer is to learn to be and USE Self Awareness.

It is as simple as practicing a single algorithm. Keep applying this algorithm to everything you do and the result can only be more self awareness. You will also find it much easier to deal with other people if you know how that works.

Imagine you want to tell a friend a new fact. Your friend does not know that fact. So telling the person can be displayed as the recipient, MINUS the new fact, divided by 2, plus the new fact.


Recipient MINUS New Fact DIVIDED by two PLUS New Fact

or mathematically depicted (arbitrary example numbers::

100 – 20 /2 + 20 = 60 which represents the highest level of comprehension possible by the recipient for a new, never before encountered fact.

Talk about it again and then you can use the 60 plus the original amount and you get

160 – 20 /2 + 20 = 90 which represents the new level of comprehension possible. Do that enough times and even the most steadfast can be trained.

Repetition means supporting previously supported memories. That moves them to near present awareness. Do that with bad memories and you can become pretty depressed quickly.

This short description does not do justice to the simplicity of the algorithm.

Intended only for demonstration. Video is Fair Use NFP.

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