Sergio & Rhoda in Israel

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It is a very rare thing to have a couple who not only love each other (and it shows!) but also respect each other; and through all of that, can work together to create an amazing series of visits to Israel. Top that off with their being really nice human beings and well… The playlist below is the 3rd season which is just now rolling out at the speed of a snail on his 5th pint. 😉

Watch season 3 as it happens at their YOUTUBE CHANNEL then start with Season One and watch them all. You will not only learn, you will laugh, you will cry and you will feel filled.

If after watching a video or two: you become as enamored as I was with the song used for the theme of this series you can hear it here:

So of course, this season what do they do? They don’t use the song. That’s ok. Its right here.