The Reason Visual Thinkers’ Best Intentions Self Destruct (Joe Biden)

Detroit under Democrat Control Psychopathology currently theorizes that “projection” is a defensive mechanism. All sorts of sub-theories have arisen attempting to describe the cause of projection but most have simply managed to describe the results of projection and attempted to attribute a cause to those […]

Little R.I.C.C.I.

Real Independently Controlled Computational Intelligence R.I.C.C.I. In this case: Little R.I.C.C.I.!  Built in 1995 as a proof of concept using science that simply did not exist before that it rests comfortable in a crate in the Phoenix heat. Little R.I.C.C.I. has the first and so […]


The latest buzz phrase for what ails humans is IDENTITY POLITICS. Actually its IDENTITY ANYTHING. Why? Face it. If a person identifies as anything other than a unique human being that person IS NOT SELF-AWARE enough to be trusted WITH ANYTHING. Self Aware means having […]

Changing Everything

In 1913, working from a formula derived by Max Planck years before; Albert Einstein and Otto Stern proposed what they called “Nullpunktenergie” which was literally translated to mean: “Zero-Point Energy”, which is based on the noun ‘null’, which means naught, zero, nihil, nil, nothing. Zero-Point […]

The Rule of Law

  Years ago you may have heard President George W. Bush speak of the “rule ‘uhh’ law”. What IS the ‘rule of law’, and why is it the single most important element of a free nation, and how is it threatened today?                                                          This is […]

Announcing: the 2005 book THE BRAIN IS A WONDERFUL THING! Republished

Announcing: the 2004-2005 book THE BRAIN IS A WONDERFUL THING! Republished, NOW IN HARDCOVER http://www.lulu.com/shop/lee-hempfling/the-brain-is-a-wonderful-thing/hardcover/product-23989810.html and PAPERBACK http://www.lulu.com/shop/lee-hempfling/the-brain-is-a-wonderful-thing/paperback/product-23991243.html No profit is made from the sale of this book. Previously available in 2004-2005 in paperback only, it is now available unedited in hardcover and paperback. #brain […]

What Intelligence Is!

Intellect. An eluding concept to most. An interesting challenge to many. The word: Intellect is a noun and is observed to be the “ability to perceive, ability to reason, ability to understand, brain, brilliance, cerebration, cognitive faculty, comprehension, genius, intellectual powers, intellectuality, intellegentia, intelligence, mens, […]

LOGIC MATTERS: You See What You Already Know

[responsivevoice_button] It disturbs science too! See https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/techandscience/scientists-discover-how-to-upload-knowledge-to-your-brain/ar-BBNAlLO To get right to the point: NO! That is not at ALL what they have done. The headline is like many others: it imposes the writer’s knowledge. Enhanced by the writer’s desire for it to be true: the […]