In The Spirit of Equal Opportunity BULLSHIT: Kent Volkmer’s BACKGROUNDER

Back on July 19, 2019 the newly minted, over zealous press czar for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office wrote and published, under the by-line of a reporter what is commonly referred to as “BACKGROUND”.

That article was a waste of time to provide background and cuddly warm snuggles for AG Mark Brnovich. It was published too soon. It has dropped out of the first page of Google News.

But don’t let a good strategy go to waste… enter the SECOND DEFENDANT to create a background piece so reporters seeking his information have him to rely on.

Back on the 20th of July the piece was covered here after publication at anything to help make criminals look good.

So here is Kent Volkmer’s attempt at covering his ass!

Q&A with Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer (VIDEO)

How well did he do it? Well here he is talking about how he needs to look really good. Won’t work!

There are a few questions the little attorney-man was not asked and should have been:

1: What is the penalty for knowing the content of a stolen piece of US Mail?

Oh that’s ok Kent, don’t answer; here it is “Stealing other peoples mail is a Federal Crime(a Felony)The Penalty for stealing mail is up to 5 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.” And knowing what was in it is the same as stealing it. Isn’t it Attorney-Man?!?!

2: What is the burden of proof in a civil trial?

Never mind Kent: “Burden of proof is the most important rule of evidence in the trial of civil cases. Generally, burden of proof is on the plaintiff to show by a “preponderance of evidence” or “weight of evidence” that all the facts necessary to win a judgment are probably true.”

3: What is it you and Mark Brnovich and Amanda Stanford were caught doing at the same time?

Yes, in court!  No, besides the overtly stealing of US Court Mail you and the other ‘defendants’ from two different federal cases were caught changing, editing deleting social network account contents, some of which is quoted in local newspapers and no longer there. The only reason all of you were cleaning your history was a specific case was expected to be published when you read what only an attorney in the 9th circuit could have known. You were caught. See #2 above! And you could not respond to the court’s knowing what you did. You refused to take part in the trial after your attorney was caught submitting known lies and standing ground on perjury.

4: One last question Kent: Why have you not resigned yet?

That has not happened for one good reason. Civil vs Criminal. Kent, you and your co-defendants may not go to prison for knowing the content of that mail, but you will suffer the consequences in federal civil court.

So, there it is!

Now, a reporter can find this “out of his league ambulance chaser” information without having to hunt in case you are premature as well and your story falls off Google News.

Hope you have a nice cell mate.

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