Just a thought on Icons

First published Saturday, September 11, 2004:

The Republican icon is an elephant.

The Democrat icon is a donkey.

Aren’t they very appropriate?

Think about it.

An elephant is said to remember for a long time. We shall not forget.
An elephant is slow to react, but once started is hard to stop.
An elephant will not make the same mistake twice (he remembers the consequences).

A donkey is nearly impossible to move even if his own life is in danger.
A donkey hauls heavy packs for long distances as he’s too stupid to rest.
A donkey will continue to make the same mistakes as he cannot contemplate consequence.

So an elephant is conservative because he ‘knows better’ from experience, while a donkey is liberal because he can’t contemplate the rules and wasn’t paying attention for the experience.

Just a thought with no place else to unload.