There is only ONE Solution for the Lack of Self-Control

Self control comes from one of two sources.

Either it is self imposed through a higher order of thought, or it is externally imposed by an oppression.

The latter is being misconstrued to be the former.

That solution is self-awareness.

Politics is the art of the reaction.

Management is the art of the whole; assembling the parts to make a greater thing.

In the near future it will become far more apparent that a species of higher order thinkers like the human species, will cease to exist if it does not use that higher order thinking. The stakes in this are too high to ignore and no amount of Red Flag laws or any other after the fact waste of time will change that.

Self-Awareness is the problem for nearly all behavioral situations. A lack of self-awareness literally removes the option of applying brakes. Without that stop ability very bad things can happen.


Some time in your past there was a moment where you lost it. You either hit someone or something. Or you yelled at someone or something. Or you struck out at someone or something. It is most easily recognized when dealing with subordinate creatures. Like pets. They are easier to let go with. Same condition applies when humans run in packs. It results in hurt and pain and emotional disasters all because that person did not have a level of self-control that simply did not permit that kind of dangerous reaction to present itself as an option.

The people who have that self-control are the ones who lead others.

Luckily, the process to increase self-awareness (all humans are self-aware to some degree of we would call that autism, or any myriad of other ailments of the brain) is a simple one. In fact, it is so simple it will be scoffed at and ridiculed. That is what ignorance does to defend itself. That is ironic because what needs to be learned is the instructions.

Nobody has known how the brain functions, so we get things like AI (artificial intelligence) that has not one thing to do with intelligence. One silver lining is that since the 70’s when insane asylums were shut down the psychiatrist became far less and less important to mental health. It shows.

The more self-control fades into the past, the closer the species is TO KILLING ITSELF OFF.

This is the ONLY solution to a species attempting to reverse evolution.