Terry Goddard Strikes Again AZAG ‘The PEOPLE’S Lawyer’?

The big LEGAL news in Arizona last week was all about the state Attorney General taking Trump’s side and challenging DACA! That is not what the rest of the Attorneys General have been doing.

The other state Attorneys General were announcing: they would announce (huh): bi-partisan investigations into Anti-Trust violations against Google and Facebook.

Brnovich’s propaganda department was busy NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

Now, under the excuse of calling for sainthood, Terry Goddard (2003-2011 Attorney General and a Democrat!) has declared Mark Brnovich to be ‘THE PEOPLE’S LAWYER”.


Just in the nick of time, along comes Goddard AGAIN, to put Mark Brnovich in the news for something other than bad. With a beard Brnovich looks like Frank Fritz.

Terry Goddard (a strange bedfellow is it not Mark?) was interviewed in the fluff piece written to put Brnovich in a good light in the news back on July 19, but it was premature. Brnovich was not interviewed for his own fluff piece but the propagandist who wrote the piece sure did rely on Goddard!

Now he’s back, this time not just being interviewed but writing the whole ‘opinion’ piece just in time. Terry Goddard must be as corrupt as Brnovich.

And remember this: if you are an elected official and your staff repeatedly breaks federal laws and you don’t stop it. YOU GO TO JAIL TOO! Wait.. That is what Bill Montgomery is in hot water about.

So is Goddard the Google connection? Or is it Flake? Or Montgomery! Or is it just Brnovich. Why is the AZ AG office not publicly taking part in the Google anti-trust investigation? Could it be Arizona IS A TARGET?

Back in August, when defendants assumed a certain case would be published Kent Volkmer got his own fluff piece:

Bill Montgomery has his own problems but he’s been appointed to the state Supreme Court:


HERE WE ARE ONCE AGAIN. A new Monday. A new story to make crooks look good.

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